AWFS Fair Las Vegas 2019

Oct 2, 2019

In July, Mitch and Justin from our equipment sales team attended the AWFS woodworking trade show. The show prides itself on being North America’s largest trade show for woodworking equipment, technology, and networking. While all this woodworking is exciting on its own, holding the event in Las Vegas certainly offered some interesting after-hours activities. “For me, the AWFS wood show was a lot more than getting to spend a few days on the Las Vegas Strip. The amount of automation and technology at this show was truly impressive,” said Imperial Systems representative Justin Ferrainola.

Woodworking is a major dust collection industry, and trade shows are a key opportunity to network, learn about new woodworking products, and talk to woodworking companies about their experiences with dust control. “It is fair to say that typically, Imperial Systems’ largest market has been in metalworking and fabrication. That being said, after visiting this show, my eyes were opened to the continuous growing demand for quality dust collection in the woodworking industry,” said Justin. The show drew lots of attendees, and our sales team had many opportunities to meet with potential new customers.

Hermance Machine Company made their first appearance this year at AWFS 2019.Hermance Machine Company, an Imperial Systems representative, made their first appearance at this trade show this year. Their booth displayed some of their woodworking equipment, including a robotic cutting display that received a lot of attention.  Hermance is a leader in industrial machinery for many different industries. The company has been manufacturing and selling equipment for the industry since 1902.

Dust collection in the woodworking industry continues to be a serious concern. Sawdust, wood pellets, and other wood waste are a major cause of dust fires. Many woodworking facilities need help designing a system to handle their wood dust safely. Many of these companies don’t know how many different options are available to them.

Our sales team travels to more trade shows every year to support our representatives and meet with industry leaders. With the CMAXX proving that cartridge collectors can be an excellent option for the woodworking industry, attending trade shows like this one helps us establish our presence and expertise. Many companies don’t know that cartridge collectors are an option for wood dust, so trade shows are a great opportunity to educate.

Get ready to see us at FABTECH in November, when we’ll have a full booth featuring the CMAXX, several of our other recently released products like the Rhino Drum, and even some exciting surprises we can’t talk about yet!