Fiberglass Dust Collection

Imperial System has a long line of successful dust collection installations in fiberglass. Our CMAXX dust collection systems span from boat manufactures to FRP Structural Pultrusions. With our turn key capabilities and extensive background in fiberglass dust collection we are truly one of the country’s biggest names in the fiberglass industry.

The CMAXX dust collector can be customized to fit your dust and fume collection needs. The CMAXX dust collector system with DELTAMAXX Replacement Cartridge Filters will makes most any fiberglass application process an easy task. We work with fiberglass customers that need custom solutions from machining, cutting, sawing and drilling. The combination of the CMAXX cartridge collector with the  DeltaMAXX NANO-fiber cartridge filters can offer emissions guarantees as low as 0.0003 gr/dscf emissions on tough applications.

Our DeltaMAXX© bag filters are specially fabricated to last longer on tough applications like fiberglass dust. The DetaMaxx© filter bag is designed to last up to twice as long as the standard polyester filter bag. This longer lasting filter life is due to the fact that the DeltaMAXX filter has a specially formulated glazed surface to assure surface loading rather than a typical bag that has depth leading characteristics.

We specialize in OSHA and NFPA compliant system to meet all of the newest codes.

Typical Fiberglass Processes

  • Boat Manufactures
  • FRP Structural Manufactures through the process of pultrusion
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Automotive body

Recommended Equipment