Industrial Woodworking Dust Collection

The woodworking industry includes many different processes and types of dust. It’s machinery typically produces large amounts of dust. So, it’s critical that the right woodworking dust collection system be expertly selected and sized. Additionally, sawdust and wood particles are extremely combustible, so industrial dust collection for woodworking must have solid fire and explosion protection.

Further, industrial woodworking produces particles of different sizes, from chunks of wood to very fine powder. A dust collection system can be designed to separate these different types of material for better efficiency.

Woodworking dust collection applications often include:

  • Lumber and sawmills
  • Cabinet Making
  • Particle board Manufacturing
  • Wood Pallet Production
  • Biomass
  • Flooring manufacturers
  • Furniture manufacturers

Industrial Woodworking Dust Collection Safety

According to Dust Safety Science, wood dust caused more than a quarter of all combustible dust accidents in 2018. The dangers of sawdust are often underestimated. In many facilities, dust accumulation around the woodworking machinery leads to destructive fires. Wood dust fires travel at high speed and can ignite larger explosions.

Woodworking dust collectors protect people from injury. They also protect companies from OSHA fines, which will be especially high if there is a combustible dust incident.

Many competitors will recommend baghouses for all woodworking applications. However, Imperial Systems has also installed CMAXX cartridge collectors on these applications with great success. CMAXX collectors often out-perform baghouses for many of our woodworking customers. The CMAXX has advantages over a baghouse including easier maintenance and more compact size. Industrial systems should be designed for each company’s type of dust and woodworking machinery.

Baghouse dust collector installation

Possible Equipment

Woodworking Dust Collection Equipment by Imperial Systems