Plasma Cutting Fume Extraction

The CMAXX dust and fume collector offers superior performance for plasma cutting fume extraction. Because of this, several national manufacturers of CNC plasma cutting tables install only CMAXX systems with their new tables. We are certainly a recognized expert in the field of fume capture for CNC plasma cutting tables and other plasma cutter operations.

Plasma cutting fume sources:

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Tables
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machines for Pipe
  • Handheld Plasma Cutter Operations
  • Plasma Gouging

Here’s how a plasma cutter works. First of all, a gas is heated until it reaches the fourth state of matter, plasma. Secondly, molecules in this plasma state are electrically charged to conduct electricity. After that, an electric arc contacts the gas to produce a plasma jet. Meanwhile, forcing the gas through a nozzle forms the plasma jet, putting it under high pressure. The temperature of the plasma can reach 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit or even hotter.

The cutting temperature is much higher than the melting point of the metal being cut. Due to this, the plasma jet blasts through the metal. As a result, this turns the metal into very fine smoke or fume. Plasma cutter fume extraction is essential to protect workers from the dangers posed by these fumes.

A plasma cutting table uses a downward air flow. This pulls smoke and fumes from the cutting process. After that, the air passes through a dust collection system that filters out the contaminants. Finally, the air usually returns inside the building. This is because heated or cooled air would otherwise be lost in the process. There’s another consideration if the facility is cutting stainless steel. In this case, the dust collection system may need to have special filters to manage hexavalent chromium emissions.

CMAXX dust and fume collector on plasma cutting fume extraction

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