Filter Bags for BRF Baghouse

Imperial Systems offers our DeltaMAXX welded seam replacement filter bags and cages for our medium pressure and reverse air BRF baghouses. Our filter bags are available in all standard BRF lengths. Our filter bags give you the best function and efficiency from your BRF baghouse.

DeltaMAXX filter bag features for better baghouse performance:

  • Heat sealed welded seams
  • No needle holes for protection from fine particle leaks
  • Tough seams resistant to abrasive dust
  • Specialty materials and designs available for special applications
  • High temperature tolerance
  • Cost efficient filter bags directly from the manufacturer

Finding replacement bag filters and cages for your baghouse can be a challenge. Don’t trust aftermarket sellers, who usually buy their bags from overseas. These aftermarket bags may be cheaper. Getting them to fit and work in your baghouse is another story.

Getting a properly fitting filter bag creates challenges because there are so many different types of bags and cages that fit many different baghouses. For maximum efficiency and to maintain the correct air to cloth ratio, only use Imperial Systems replacement filter bags and baghouse cages.

For assistance with your BRF baghouse, feel free to contact us about our ServiceMAXX program. Our ServiceMAXX team can change your filter bags, inspect your system for leaks, and troubleshoot problems.