Rhino Drum Explosion Tested Drum Kit

Cost efficient alternative to Explosion Isolation Valves and Rotary Airlocks
Cost efficient alternative to Explosion Isolation Valves and Rotary Airlocks
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Imperial Systems’ Rhino Drum is the first of it’s kind. Where rubber flexible hose melts in the event of an explosion, the Rhino Drum’s metal-on-metal design can withstand the heat of an explosion up to 7psi. A simplistic design with no moving parts, it’s a cost-efficient alternative to explosion isolation valves and rotary airlocks that meet the NFPA 69 Standard for ST-1 dusts.

Eliminates the need for an Airlock – and half the cost

The Rhino Drum eliminates the need for a rotary airlock and is half the cost. With the Rhino Drum, there is no need for wiring, maintenance, a motor, starter, wipers, or chains.

Rhino Drum Kit versus airlock comparison table

The Rhino Drum is the first and only third party explosion tested drum with these features:

Rhino Drum Kit feature callouts
A. Slide Gate B. Tool Free Sliding Coupler C. Bonding Wire D. Drum Lid Clamp E. Heavy Duty 55gal Drum F. Drum Dolly

A. Slide Gate

The slide gate allows maintenance personnel to easily isolate the Rhino Drum from the hopper of the dust collector. Close the slide gate when emptying the drum to prevent dust from falling out of the hopper onto the floor.

B. Tool Free Sliding Coupler

This tool-free coupler allows for easy access to the drum. Simply slide up and twist to lock the lid in place before rolling the drum out from beneath.

C. Bonding Wire

The bonding wire is an included feature to connect the Rhino Drum to a properly grounded dust collector. The drum is also bonded directly to the lid.

D. Drum Lid Clamp

The drum lid clamp ensures that the drum is properly sealed. The clamp’s simple latch doesn’t complicate barrel changeout, but contains fire or explosion in the event of an incident.

E. Heavy Duty 55gal Drum

The Rhino Drum comes with a heavyweight 55 gallon drum and is available in other sizes to fit many different dust collector configurations.

F. Drum Dolly

The included drum dolly lends a great benefit to drum emptying. Once the lid mechanism has been lifted and locked into place, the drum simply rolls out from beneath it – no hydraulic drum lift needed.


A unique feature about the Rhino Drum is that it’s grounded and bonded from the barrel to the lid, then to the legs of the dust collector. The bonding wire is included as part of the Rhino Drum kit.

Rhino Drum Kit grounded and bonded
Rhino Drum Kit twist and lock design


The twist and lock design (patent pending) was developed with customers in mind, making barrel changeout easy. You can lift the drum up tool-free, then lock the lid into place. Normally, you would have to use chains or something to hold the drum lid up when you slide the drum out.


The controlled and measured explosion testing included our slide gate with the new and improved aluminum handle. When the slide gate is closed the dust collector becomes airtight with no leakage to the outside of the unit. Closing the slide gate allows the drum to be emptied or swapped out without shutting down the dust collector.

Rhino Drum Kit slide gate
dust level sensor


The Rhino Drum connects easily to our Dust Level Sensor. The sensor will send a signal into your Rhino Drum to determine how much dust is in your drum. When the drum is nearly full, it will alert you. The alert can be set to a flashing light or audible alarm if your dust collector is located outside of the facility.

Imperial Systems president Jeremiah Wann demonstrates the features and benefits of the Rhino Drum as an alternative to an explosion valve or an NFPA 69 rotary airlock for a dust collector.

Rhino Drum Kit brochure

Download the Rhino Drum brochure

Our Rhino Drum is Simple & Proven
• Explosion Tested to 7psi

• Meets Standards for NFPA 69/654

• Bonded to a Grounded Collector

• No Moving Parts

• No Flex Hose

• Tool-Free


Can the Rhino Drum be used with other dust collectors?

Yes, the Rhino Drum can be used with any dust collector designed to have a drum underneath it.

Can this be retrofitted to existing collectors?

Yes, the Rhino Drum can be used to replace other non-NFPA compliant drums, airlocks, and flex hose under new and existing machines including Donaldson, Camfil, and Robovent units.

What standard size drums are available?
The Rhino Drum is availabe in a standard 55 gallon or 30 gallon drum. Additional sizes may be available upon request.
What is included as part of the Rhino Drum?
The Rhino Drum kit includes a slide gate, sliding coupler, drum lid with handles, drum lid clamp, bonding wire, 55 gallon drum, and drum dolly.
What discharge sizes are available?
10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, and 18″ discharges are avilable.
Can I use my own drums?

If the drum is rated for UN1A2/X430 it can be used in place of our drum.

What is the maximum KST the Rhino Drum can handle?

The Rhino Drum can be used on any ST-1 Class dusts with a KST lower than 200.

Are there handles on the drum?
The standard kit does not come with handles on the drum, but a custom drum may be available upon request.
Can I buy extra drums?
Yes, you can buy extra drums and drum dollies without buying a whole additional kit. Having an extra drum and dolly available may make your drum emptying easier.