Combustible Dust Safety Programs: Don’t Repeat History

Every time a combustible dust accident happens, you can make two assumptions. Firstly, preventing the accident could have been done with a combustible dust safety program. Secondly, the accident, or one just like it, probably happened before. Maybe at a different...

A combustible dust safety plan can prevent a tragic industrial accident.

Imperial Systems Quarterly Newsletter | Issue 10

Here it is! Dusty Jobs 10 takes a look at the 2019 AWFS Fair in Las Vegas as well as a recent CMAXX installation for a high school wood shop. Charlie talks about the difference between blue boxes, green boxes, red boxes, and our boxes. Lastly, we bid a retirement...


CMAXX Cleans Up Grinder Mill Machine Mess

Problem: A CNC machining company needed a dust collector to handle the dust from their 12 horizontal grinding mills. The company, located in northwestern Ohio, provides CNC machining services. Moreover, they produce a variety of metal parts for different...

This CMAXX dust collector on a grinder mill machine received custom paint to match the outside of their building.

7-Step Dust Collector Maintenance Checklist

Performing regular maintenance keeps your dust collector working properly. When something goes wrong with it, you can lose money in repairs and system downtime. Some of the tips in this dust collector maintenance checklist take only a minute or two. But some do...

Regular use of a dust collector maintenance checklist can save you time and money in service visits and replacement parts.

The History of Dust & Mine Safety

This infographic looks at various coal mine disasters in the US through history and the changes that were made to standards as a result of these issues. It highlights the advancements made in Pittsburgh that lead to innovations in miner safety across the nation. It...


Selecting an Industrial Dust Collector for Woodworking?

Choosing the right type of dust collector for your industrial woodworking application can improve safety and save money. Wood dust is highly combustible, and as a result, it causes many accidental fires and explosions. Industrial woodworking applications may...