Do You Need Industrial Dust Collector Maintenance Training?

You’ve made the investment in a new Imperial Systems dust collection system. Now our technicians have arrived to help supervise the startup. While they’re there, is it time to invest in dust collector maintenance training? Our experienced startup technicians know...


Do You Need an Industrial Central Vacuum System?

When your facility has a problem with accumulated dust, general housekeeping can take up a lot of valuable time. An industrial central vacuum system greatly cuts down on dust cleanup time. This type of system is also more NFPA compliant and safer. Instead of brooms...


Combustible Dust Safety Programs: Don’t Repeat History

Every time a combustible dust accident happens, you can make two assumptions. Firstly, preventing the accident could have been done with a combustible dust safety program. Secondly, the accident, or one just like it, probably happened before. Maybe at a different...

A combustible dust safety plan can prevent a tragic industrial accident.

Imperial Systems Quarterly Newsletter | Issue 10

Here it is! Dusty Jobs 10 takes a look at the 2019 AWFS Fair in Las Vegas as well as a recent CMAXX installation for a high school wood shop. Charlie talks about the difference between blue boxes, green boxes, red boxes, and our boxes. Lastly, we bid a retirement...