Dust Collector Upgrade Saves Plant from Fire Damage

Wondering if that aging thing behind the building needs a little work? One company put money into a dust collector upgrade. As a result, it ended up saving them from serious property damage and expensive repairs. The dust explosion index...


The Steel City and a Brief History of Dust Collection

The history of dust collection begins with a problem that needed to be solved. It was the early 1800’s in Pittsburgh, PA. Sulfur and other fumes from burning bituminous coal covered the city with some of the worst smoke pollution in the country. Pittsburghers were...


Case Study: BRF Baghouse for Sawdust Collection

A sawmill company with facilities in Pennsylvania and New York had a challenging dust problem. Fine sawdust from their band mills was filling the air. The constant production of dust created an unpleasant work environment for employees. As a result, the facility...