CMAXX Rids Stumble Hazards from Tumble Blasters

A customer in the Oil and Gas industry needed a new dust collector to replace their old one. The old collector was inefficient and creating workplace hazards. The customer needed a more efficient solution that would properly gather the dust created by their tumble...

CMAXX dust collector installation for dust from tumble blasters

The Standard Colors of Imperial Systems

Did you know that we have one of the largest powder coat ovens in the region? This allows us to powder coat all of our equipment. As a bonus we are the only manufacturer in the United States that can offer a powder coated baghouse. There are 10 color options that...

Inside view of Imperial’s power paint booth

CMAXX Wipes Custom Countertop Fabrication Challenges

Summary A Kansas City area custom countertop fabrication company had a dust collector that was inadequate.  They were getting fine dust particulate throughout their shop.  They needed a machine that could keep up with multiple CNC routers and filter the fine dust....

CMAXX installation at solid surface countertop manufacturer