Shadow Compact Fume Extractor

The Shadow Compact Fume Extractor fills the need for a basic collector for noncombustible dust. Its patent pending design handles light loading weld fume and dust along with laser cutting applications. It also offers a cost-effective option for managing robotic weld cell fumes. This easy to handle system can be moved around your shop. The Shadow offers the same air quality control as a premium dust and fume collector at the lower price point.

The Shadow Compact Fume Collector is perfect for laser and plasma tables.

With its compact footprint and fully assembled housing, the Shadow installs easily indoors. The design of the Shadow also lets it fit in with existing equipment. Furthermore, the integrated control panel offers a simple “plug and play” installation.

The Shadow makes a great partner for robotic weld cells, allowing many options for welding hood design and layout. As robotic welding increases in popularity, the Shadow adapts to all types of welding cells, enclosures, hoods, and downdraft tables. 

Because the Shadow is for noncombustible dusts only, it doesn’t require expensive fire and explosion safety features. For applications where sparks are a concern, a sprinkler head option is available.

With DeltaMAXX Prime nanofiber filters, the Shadow Compact Fume Collector controls harmful metal fumes. With an optional HEPA after-filter, it handles even strictly regulated materials like hexavalent chromium. A continuous pulse cleaning system keeps the filters operating efficiently.


  • Designed for indoor use, eliminating costs for weather protection
  • Fast, easy installation, no assembly required
  • Does not need to be bolted or permanently secured in place
  • Noncombustible dust only saves money on explosion control features
  • Sprinkler head option available for high sparking applications
  • Lift rails designed for easy and safe filter changes
  • Material collection bucket easy to access, empty, and replace
  • Optional smoke detector
  • Available inlet and outlet dampers
  • Optional sprinkler system
  • “Plug and Play” control panel pre-wired for standard operation, so all you need is power and compressed air
  • On demand pulse-cleaning while the system is active for simple filter cleaning
  • Built-in differential pressure gauges for easy monitoring
  • Remote start capable for improved productivity
  • Multi-directional, spark resistant inlet options allow flexibility in placing the unit
  • Sleek, modern appearance fits well inside any facility, with a compact footprint and powder-coated finish
  • Butterfly damper to adjust airflow for efficiency
  • Sound-control insulation for quiet operation
Easy Access Panels on the Shadow Compact Fume Extractor

Easy Access Panels

Tool free access panels allow for easy access to the after filter, fan, and collection container. This makes particulate disposal fast and simple.

Multi-Directional Inlet on the Shadow Compact Fume Extractor

Multi-Directional Inlet

The versatile inlet allows ductwork to connect with the collector from five different directions.

Pre-Wired Control Panel on the Shadow Compact Fume Extractor

Pre-Wired Control Panel

The “Plug and Play” control panel makes installation quick and easy. The Shadow can be run remotely for improved productivity.

The Shadow Compact Fume Extractor has a 15-Year Warranty.


The Shadow Compact Fume Extractor is available in four sizes.


The Shadow Compact Fume Extractor is outfitted with the most innovative features including a redundant safety design. The features include:

  • Anti-Ramp Lift Rails – Stops filters from overlapping each other
  • Double Gasketed Filters – Double layer of protection to ensure a good seal
  • Completely Grounded – Filters are grounded to the dust collector
  • Lift Rail Door Stop – Stops the door from closing if the lift rails are not in the proper upright position
  • Sure-Stop System – Ensures filters are installed properly or the door will not close, using pan indexing channel and door indexing bar


Sure-Stop Systems on the Shadow Compact Fume Extractor

Our sure stop system ensures that the door to your dust collector will not close if the filters are not fully inserted and seated properly. There are indexing tabs in both the back as well as the door of the collector. These fit into the shape of the pan, ensuring that everything is properly seated and your collector is running efficiently.


All our dust collectors are made in the USA.  You’ll always have the full support of our dust and fume collection experts here in our Pennsylvania facility. Each Shadow is designed by our team of engineers.

Our professional ServiceMAXX teams can travel almost anywhere.  They’ll make sure your Shadow Compact Fume Extractor is working as it should be. No other dust collector company offers better, more personal support.

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The Shadow Compact Fume Extractor is designed for DeltaMAXX™ Prime Replacement Cartridge Filters. The DeltaMAXX™ Prime High Efficiency Replacement Cartridge Filter delivers the longest filter life, cleanest air and greatest cost savings.

With DeltaMAXX Prime nanofiber filters, the Shadow controls harmful metal fumes. With an optional HEPA after-filter, it handles even strictly regulated materials like hexavalent chromium. A continuous pulse cleaning system keeps the filters operating efficiently.

  • 400 square feet of filter media for significantly more surface area
  • Unique grounding for safety from static buildup
  • Oval cartridge shape for more effective pulse cleaning
  • Double gaskets prevent air leaks
  • Low initial pressure drop for increased filter life
  • Nanofiber material efficient down to 0.3 micron particle size
  • Increased filter media improves air to cloth ratio

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Shadow made for dust or fumes?

The Shadow uses standard DeltaMAXX Prime filters, which can filter dust or fumes. Because it is designed for noncombustible dust, the Shadow cannot be used for all applications. The Shadow is most appropriate for laser cutting, plasma cutting, light welding, and light noncombustible dust applications.

What size Shadow do I need?

The Shadow comes in several sizes. The size of your system depends on the size of your facility, the amount of airflow required, and how many points of capture you need. An undersized system will not move enough air to remove fumes properly. We can help design a system sized to your needs.

Will the Shadow be compliant with emissions standards?

The Shadow is designed to be installed indoors only. As a result, most Shadow systems will clean the air and return it to the facility, so no air is vented outside. An optional HEPA filter can make sure the air returning to the facility is a clean as possible.

Do I need a Shadow or a CMAXX?

The Shadow is appropriate if you 1) have noncombustible dust, 2) don’t need a large collector, and 3) plan to locate your collector inside. You may need to upgrade to a CMAXX if you 1) need combustible dust protection, 2) need to handle large volumes of dust, or 3) need to locate the collector outdoors.

How are filters cleaned in the Shadow?

The Shadow uses pulses of compressed air to blow particles off the filters. The Shadow has a differential pressure gauge that will let you check how well your filters are working and when to change them.

Filters should only be cleaned with this pulse cleaning system. Washing filters or taking them out to blow off dust will cause damage to the filters and create air leaks. Imperial Systems cannot be responsible for mishandled or inappropriately cleaned filters.

Why does the Shadow use vertical instead of horizontal filters?

With DeltaMAXX Prime filters, the Shadow packs a large filter surface area into a small footprint. The Shadow is designed for a low profile for indoor use. Vertical filters are easier to change, especially with the Shadow’s specially designed lift rails. They also pulse clean more efficiently, giving them a longer filter life. Learn more about vertical versus horizontal filters.

What's the best location for the placement of a Shadow?

The Shadow is designed as an indoor collector. For a collector that must be placed outside, see the CMAXX with weather protection features. Since the Shadow is only rated for use with noncombustible dust, it is safe to locate inside the building. Do not place the Shadow outside.

Is the Shadow rated for combustible dust?

The Shadow is NOT rated for combustible dust. It is designed as a lower cost option for facilities with noncombustible dust or fumes. For combustible dust, see the CMAXX dust and fume collector with optional IDA, as well as other fire and explosion safety features.

For noncombustible dust, the Shadow is safe and practical. A sprinkler system may be used for processes that create a lot of sparks.

How do I know if my material is combustible?

Dust testing is available to determine whether your dust or fumes are combustible. Generally, all organic dusts (sugar, grain, animal or plant materials) are combustible. Some plastics, resins, and metals are also combustible. Learn more about combustible dust here.

The Shadow is designed for laser cutting, plasma cutting, and light welding applications because testing has indicated that the fumes produced are not combustible. If there are questions, a dust test may be recommended to decide whether the Shadow is appropriate for you.

How do I calculate my air to cloth ratio?

The correct ratio of air to cloth (measured in cubic feet per minute of airflow and square feet of filter media) will depend on the type of dust and how your system is collecting it. For an ambient system the ratio may be about 4 CFM/1 square foot of media, while for a source capture system it may be closer to 1.5 CFM/1 square foot of media.

How do I calculate CFM (airflow)?

The easiest way to calculate CFM for an ambient system is to stop by our website and use our helpful airflow calculator. CFM (cubic feet per minute) is a measurement of duct area (in square feet) multiplied by the velocity of the air. If you are planning to use your Shadow as an ambient system, try our airflow calculator.

What is the correct airflow for my system?

Airflow calculations will include many factors, including the type of dust or fumes, the size of ductwork, and the number of sources where dust is being collected. Our Imperial Systems staff will custom design a system for your individual needs.

How long will my filters last?

Filter life will vary for every application. The DeltaMAXX Prime offers a very long filter life versus competitors, but results depend on type of material being collected, how many hours out of the day the system runs, and contaminants or larger particles in the material.

What is differential pressure and what does it tell you?

Differential pressure is the amount of resistance to airflow through the filters. It is the difference in pressure between the dirty and clean air plenums. A gauge measures pressure on both sides of the filter, and the reading tells you how much resistance there is across the filters.

Tracking differential pressure will allow you to tell when the filters have accumulated too much dust and need to be changed. If the differential pressure is too high, air is not flowing properly through the filters. See your owner’s manual for specific measurements.

When should I change my filters?

You should change your filters when the differential pressure reading is too high. Check your owner’s manual for specific measurements. There will be one differential pressure reading for the cartridge filters. If you are using the optional HEPA filter, it will have a separate reading.

What type of filter do I need?

Most Shadow collectors will use DeltaMAXX Prime nanofiber filters. These are only available from Imperial Systems, due to the proprietary pan and lift rails. For unusual applications, these filters are available in special materials such as moisture-resistant or nonstick PTFE. Our team has experience with many different applications and will help you choose the right filter.

How do I know if I need dust or fume collection?

Even noncombustible dust can be a safety and health hazard. Fumes from metal cutting and welding can have harmful effects, including lung damage and risk of cancer. The Shadow removes fumes from your cutting table or welding area. Without this, fumes can fill the work area, causing irritation to people’s eyes, noses, and throats.

What applications can the Shadow be used for?

The Shadow has been designed for specific applications. It is only for noncombustible dust, and only for installation indoors. If the dust or fumes are combustible, or if the collector must be put outside, the CMAXX is an appropriate choice. The CMAXX can handle heavier dust loads. Contact Imperial Systems to find out which collector is the best option for your dust and fumes.

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