Shadow Compact Fume Extractor Newsletter Feature

Jan 24, 2020

This year at FABTECH, the new Shadow Compact Fume Extractor made its debut. With a huge demand in the market for a compact, low profile option for noncombustible dust, the Shadow definitely got a lot of attention. People looking for Imperial Systems quality at a lower price point are paying attention.

The Shadow is appropriate for indoor use only and for noncombustible dust. With premium filters it is equipped to handle applications like laser cutting, light loading weld fumes, and robotic welding. The Shadow may also be available for other applications; talk to us about your dust and we can determine whether this is a good choice for you.

Because the Shadow has been specifically designed for noncombustible dust, it is safe to install inside your facility. It doesn’t require any of the extra safety devices that are needed for combustible dust. Some applications will require a fully equipped CMAXX with fire protection. Feel free to get in touch to find out if your application is suitable for a Shadow.

Like the CMAXX, the Shadow will feature the new DeltaMAXX Prime filters. The Shadow includes anti‑ramp lift rails, which prevent filters from ramping over each other during installation. It also features a lift rail door stop system. This prevents the door from being closed unless the lift rails are locked in position. The Sure-Stop System adds an extra layer of protection, with a door indexing bar that interacts with the filter pans so the door can only be closed with filters in place.

Many of the features on the Shadow have been perfected on the CMAXX and now appear on its new, smaller cousin. The high quality DeltaMAXX Prime filters and the on-demand pulse cleaning make sure the Shadow runs just as efficiently and protects your facility from harmful dust and fumes.

The Shadow is backed by our 15 year limited warranty, and support is provided by our experienced ServiceMAXX team.

To learn more about the Shadow Compact Fume Collector, click here.