Good Luck With That: Coke or Pepsi

Oct 2, 2019

Who remembers the Pepsi Challenge? It was an old Pepsi television commercial. A blind taste test where People were offered a taste of Pepsi and Coke, and then asked to choose which one they liked better. Being a Pepsi ad, it was not surprising that everyone chose Pepsi. But I really can’t tell much difference between the two products. In a glass they both look the same, fizz the same, and they both taste like cola. It’s my opinion if you performed the same blind taste test using  RC cola and Faygo cola, and asked people to choose which one was Pepsi and which Coke, they would choose between the two believing one was Pepsi and the other Coke. No matter what the big soft drink giants want you to believe, cola is pretty much the same product no matter what color the can is.

I used to believe the same was true about dust collection equipment. I began my career working for a large industrial sheet metal contractor. We designed and installed industrial dust collection systems across the country. That was our focus. But we did not make a dust collector. The reason for that was simple. The dust collector manufacturers were bringing work to us. Since we did not build a dust collector, or show favoritism of one brand over another, we managed to keep most of the manufacturers in our court. It was not unusual for us to be installing a system on the east side of town using a Coca Cola collector, and a system on the west side using a Pepsi Cola collector. And if a customer specified an RC Cola collector, we were fine with that too. Everybody had their favorite vendors. But when push came to shove, and I had to solicit dust collector pricing for a system, I got quotes from them all. Since they all claimed equal performance and features, I would select  the lowest price collector for my system. We were more concerned about the system design, fabrication, and installation. The dust collector was just a metal box with filters in it at the end of the system. It didn’t matter to me if it was a blue box, a red box or a green box.

In 2008 the Imperial Sugar Explosion in Georgia changed all that. 14 deaths and 40 injured put a nationwide spotlight on dust collection systems. NFPA codes changed from suggested guidelines to enforced rules.  A lot of consideration had to be given to the dust collection equipment selected.  Corporate safety personnel were becoming more conscious and educated regarding the potential of dust-related explosions. Dust collector fabricators were trying to adhere to increasingly stringent safety codes. And sheet metal contractors like us who specialized in dust system design had to know the features of the dust collectors we were offering. Pmax, Pred and KST values were becoming a part of every discussion regarding the dust collection system design. Things like vessel strength, vent size, internal velocities, explosion venting, and flame suppression are just a few of the features that must be considered when selecting a safe, NFPA compliant dust collector.

My career took a change in 2010 when I began my employment with Imperial Systems.  Although we are primarily a dust collector manufacturer, we also do turnkey system installations. I was not hired for my knowledge of dust collection equipment but for my strength in system design. I admit when I started with Imperial Systems, I still had a good bit to learn about dust collector equipment. And I have learned a lot. At Imperial Systems we are very proud of the quality and features that go into each one of our CMAXX dust collectors. We began as another “Want-To-Be” cartridge dust collector manufacturer and we made a few mistakes along the way. Our first collector design was not much more than a “cookie-cutter” version of what was already on the market.  We were no different from the guys offering the blue, red, or green boxes. We realized offering another “Me Too” collector did nothing to set us apart from the more established brands. We looked for ways to improve our collectors, and it’s the CMAXX differences that set us above the competition and became our greatest strength.

"We looked for ways to improve our collectors, and it's the CMAXX difference that sets us above the competition and became our greatest strength."

The CMAXX collector’s 7- and 10-gauge construction makes it the strongest build collector on the market today. Then we made it even better by blowing it up. In fact, we blew it up several times to test its structural integrity and strength. The CMAXX collector was tested by an independent agency and proven to contain explosive pressures exceeding 4 PSI without damage or deformation. Our proprietary In-Line Deflagration IDA filters were also tested and proven to stop a flame front resulting from an explosion from passing beyond the filter chamber. The CMAXX housing is 20% larger that our nearest competitor resulting in lower can and interstitial velocities. Combining that with our vertical filter arrangement means better cleaning efficiency, longer filter life, higher performance, less maintenance, and greater energy savings. And the CMAXX is the only modular design dust collector on the market with no external bolt holes. That along with our Crown-Tech roof design makes it possible for us to offer the industry-leading 15-year warranty. The military-grade door latches, manifold mounted pulse valves, and “Even-Lock Technology” lift rails are a few of the other innovative features we have built into the CMAXX. Our newest innovation is our Rhino Drum, the only dust collection drum on the market today that has been tested to contain an explosion. With a Rhino Drum, you no longer need an expensive NFPA tested airlock at the collector discharge. The Rhino Drum is an inexpensive alternative that was tested to meet NFPA requirements without moving parts or electric utility needs. We may be the new guys on the block but our CMAXX  has an impressive proven track record for quality and performance. Instead of us copying what the big brands have done in the past, they are starting to copy us. It’s flattering to be recognized as an innovative leader in our field.

Check out our CMAXX line. We are not the same old flavor or the same old fizz. We know the Blue, Red, and Green box name brands have become as synonymous to all dust collectors as the Kleenex brand is to all tissue, but we are not all the same. Our innovative CMAXX Collector is a cut above all the rest. Are you in the market for a new dust collector? We invite you to compare the CMAXX features against the others. We think you will agree that the Red, Blue, and Green box flavors have gotten a little stale. But if your main criteria to purchase a dust collector is based solely on a brand name that has been around longer than CMAXX, well good luck with that!