DeltaMAXX Prime Cartridge Filter

Introducing the most efficient, high volume dust collector filter in the industry

The DeltaMAXX Prime cartridge filter is available only for the CMAXX dust and fume collector and the Shadow compact fume extractor, and only available from Imperial Systems. This patented design offers a new level of safety and performance. Our nanofiber material already sets the standard for high efficiency filtration and long filter life. However, we knew we could do better.

Don’t have a CMAXX or Shadow? We offer competitive pricing on replacement filters for many models of dust collectors.

We listened to our customers, and as a result the DeltaMAXX Prime offers features not found in any other dust collection filter.

  • 400 square feet of filter media for significantly more surface area
  • Oval cartridge shape for more effective pulse cleaning
  • Double gaskets prevent air leaks
  • Low initial pressure drop for increased filter life
  • Nanofiber material efficient down to 0.3 micron particle size
  • Increased filter media improves air to cloth ratio


The DeltaMAXX Prime filters are made to work with our new lift rail system. Together, they form a cartridge installation system designed to prevent problems and make filter replacement easier. The DeltaMAXX Prime has a unique filter pan for safer, trouble-free installation.

Our collectors and the DeltaMAXX Prime are the perfect combination.

  • Anti-ramping system prevents filters from being pushed up over each other
  • Self-indexing pan shape causes filters to line up correctly along the lift rails
  • Door mechanism interlocks with filter pan, preventing door from closing unless filters are correctly installed
  • Alignment system locks filters in place, creating proper seal with tube sheet
  • Double walled pan for strength, with no sharp edges
  • Filters have handles for easy lifting and installing without risk of damaging the filters

The DeltaMAXX Prime’s 400 square feet of filter media means that our system engineers can design a CMAXX with fewer filters. As a result, the dust collection system can have a smaller footprint and lower overall cost.


Our Sure Stop System ensure that the door to your dust collector will not close if the filters are not fully inserted and seated properly. Indexing tabs in both the back as well as the door of the collector fit into the shape of the pan, ensuring that filters are sealed against the tube sheet and your collector is running efficiently.

The new DeltaMAXX Prime filters demonstrate our commitment to making things better for our customers. These dust collector cartridge filters don’t just improve efficiency. They also improve the filter replacement process. Preventing issues from improper filter installation will save many headaches for our customers in the future.