Case Study: Bio Fuels

Jun 21, 2013

Bio Fuels

The First Commercial Scale Barley to Ethanol Plant Chooses Imperial Systems Turnkey Dust Collection System

Product: Turnkey Dust Collection System

Application: BioFuels

Customer: Barley-to-Ethanol Plant


The contractor specified a turnkey dust collection system for the customers’ brand new barley-to-ethanol, state-of-the-art facility in the United States. Their products include: Barley Bio Ethanol, Barley Protein Meals and Barley Fuel Pellets. The challenge was finding a turnkey dust collection company to handle all of their dust collection needs.


The contractor is a long-standing customer of Imperial Systems, Inc. The contractor contacted Jeremiah Wann, President, for a bid on the project.

Jeremiah Wann designed a turnkey system which included: a BRF with an 8:1 ATC (Receiving Line), a Pulse Jet with a 7:1 ATC (Storage Line), another Pulse Jet with a 7.9:1 ATC (Load Out Line), a 1,900 CFM Standard Efficiency Cyclone, a 3,000 CFM Standard Efficiency Cyclone and all of the duct and fittings.

The customer wanted a turnkey system and Imperial Systems, Inc. was the only bidder able to provide the design, manufacture the equipment and install the system.

The customer is very pleased with the job and especially with Imperial Systems, Inc. ability to engineer, manufacture, and install.