Case Study: Welding School Filters Get Performance Upgrade – for Less!

Jul 23, 2019

Problem: Welding School Filters Overpriced and Replaced Often

On a tight program budget, Johnny needed to keep the cost of his welding school filters down while running his weld fume collector efficiently. He is the welding program coordinator at a college in Texas. His welding program struggled with overpriced replacement filters for their collector.

DeltaMAXX are the new welding school filters in operation with lower cost and better performance

The filters in Johnny’s current weld fume collector started to go bad after two years of light to moderate use. The expanded metal screen on the filters also appeared to be rusting and falling apart. He contacted the manufacturer of the collector used at his welding school. They informed him that his two replacement filters would cost him more than $2,200.

For a welding school on a tight budget, that’s a high price to pay. With the filters only holding up for two years at that kind of price, Johnny decided to shop around.


Johnny found Imperial Systems and got pricing on the filters he needed. At the time, they were under $500 each. He figured that even if they didn’t work as well as he hoped, he was still spending half as much per filter. It was worth a try.

Johnny’s welding school bought a pair of DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters to fit his existing system, and another set to keep as spares. “We always like to have items like this in storage in case something strange happens,” he says. It’s a wise philosophy but fortunately, it hasn’t applied to the filters Johnny purchased from Imperial Systems.


Speaking of his first contact with Imperial Systems, Johnny notes, “They seemed very eager and customer friendly, something I did not find with the system manufacturer or others.” He has nothing but compliments for the DeltaMAXX filters as well.

“We have been using our first set of Imperial filters for at least seven years,” he says, “and they’re just now getting to the point where they need replacement.” At half the cost of their previous filters and lasting seven years instead of two, the DeltaMAXX filters are saving this welding school a lot of money on long lasting filters.

“We will definitely be replacing our stock with Imperial filters when the new budget year rolls around!” Johnny says. With the long-lasting filters they need, this welding school can spend its money on other essentials for next semester’s students.

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