Grain Dust Collection Systems

Imperial System has a long line of successful grain dust collection systems installations.  Our CMAXX dust collection systems span from small processing mills to some of the country’s largest grain export terminals. Our products include ductwork, structural supports, cyclones, pneumatic transfer systems and all of the dust collection equipment.

Our BRF‘s (Big Round Filter) are specially designed grain dust collection systems built to handle the heavy loading from grain applications involving Drying, Conveyor transfer points, dump pits, roller milling, bin venting, grain cleaners, bucket elevators, hammer mills and more.

Our DeltaMAXX© bag filters are specially fabricated to last longer on tough applications like grain and agricultural dust. The DeltaMaxx© filter bag is designed to last up to twice as long as the standard polyester filter bag. This longer lasting filter life is due to the fact that the DeltaMAXX bag filters have a specially formulated glazed surface to assure surface loading rather than a typical bag that has depth leading characteristics.

We specialize in OSHA and NFPA compliant system to meet all of the newest codes. Grain Dust can be highly explosive most any dust collector handling grain dust will be required to have chemical or mechanical isolation equipment as well as explosion venting.

Recommended Equipment

Typical Processes

    • Drying
    • Conveyor Transfer Points
    • Dump Pits
    • Roller Milling
    • Bin Venting
    • Grain Cleaners
    • Bucket Elevators
    • Hammer Mills
    • Feed Manufacturing