Case Study: New Welding Ventilation System Clears Air for Workers

Apr 24, 2019

Problem: Welding Ventilation

A worker without a proper welding ventilation system is at risk.

This company manufactures many types of metal parts for the power grid industry. They have several robotic weld cells and also a number of human welders. Between these two sources, the company produced a large amount of weld fumes. High production demand meant that the weld fume levels were a constant problem.

The company had a small fan moving air through the shop. Without proper welding ventilation, the fumes created a hazardous atmosphere in the workplace. Concerned about the safety of their workers, the company sought a solution to their weld fume problem.


The company’s welding equipment dealer had worked with a company called Glacier Technology, Inc. The company contacted Glacier to design a welding ventilation system for their shop. The weld fume collector was an Imperial Systems CMAXX CM008. They laid out ductwork to provide direct ventilation to each area of the workplace.

The robotic weld cells had their own fume extraction hoods. In addition, an ambient system design provided clean air to the area where the human welders worked. Calibrating airflow to handle hoods and an ambient system together requires strong system knowledge.

The CMAXX arrived on time and as specified. Because the CMAXX is designed to be easy to install, the company was able to do the entire installation themselves. This took only one eight-hour work day and went smoothly.

Related Content on Welding Fume ExtractionFeedback:

Tom from Glacier Technology returned to the facility soon after install to adjust the electrical systems. Upon arrival, workers expressed how pleased they were with the new welding ventilation system.

“It took about five minutes to start clearing the shop out,” one worker told him.

In fact, when Tom had to shut down the collector for a few minutes to make some adjustments, the shop immediately filled with fumes. The workers demanded that he turn it back on as soon as possible. As soon as he restarted the system, the fumes began to clear again.

The customer reports that they had a very positive experience working with Glacier Technology and Imperial Systems. They appreciated the design of the system, the prompt delivery and easy install, and the customer service they received.

Imperial Systems and Glacier Technology partner to provide customers with the best equipment, efficiency, and expert service.