CMAXX Welding Ventilation Saves the Day for Workers

Apr 24, 2019

Problem: Welding Ventilation

worker without proper welding ventilation is at riskA facility that manufactures metal parts for the power grid industry had a serious problem with poor welding ventilation.

With only a small fan to help, workers struggled to deal with the welding smoke that constantly filled the shop. Their robotic weld cells produced a lot of fumes. Further, the shop’s human welders added even more. Without proper welding ventilation, nothing cleared the toxic material from the workspace.

Fortunately, the company’s welding equipment dealer knew of a company named Glacier Technology, Inc. who could help. So, they called and told them that they needed a welding ventilation system to clear the air.


Solution: CMAXX by Imperial

Glacier Technology designed a system for the company. First of all, it included an Imperial Systems CMAXX CM008 as the welding fume and dust collector. Second, they laid out ductwork to handle each area of the workplace. They also designed a ductwork system to provide fume extraction for four robotic weld cells. Further, each cell had a welding ventilation hood.

The ductwork then branched off to provide ambient welding fume control for the open work area where two welders worked. As a result, the ambient airflow did a great job of removing the remaining weld fumes. They calibrated the airflow to handle the hoods and ambient area at the same time.

To the company’s pleasure, the CMAXX system arrived exactly as described and on time. They proceded to install the entire welding fume extraction system themselves. This proved how efficient the CMAXX design is. They completed the installation of the collector itself in only one eight-hour work day.

Smoke and fumes began to clear as soon as the system started running.


“It took about five minutes to start clearing the shop out.”

Tom from Glacier Technologies returned to the company to adjust the electrical systems. Upon arrival, company workers expressed how pleased they are with the welding ventilation system. More specifically, they said they were happy with how much smoke was removed from the shop.

In fact, when Tom had to turn the collector off for a few minutes to make adjustments, the shop immediately filled with fumes. When that happened, workers demanded that he turn it back on.  So he did and within a few minutes, the fume cloud had cleared again.

The customer reports that they are very pleased with every aspect of working with Glacier and Imperial. The system design, prompt delivery, ease of installation, and great customer service made this a positive experience all around.

Even better, the end result is effective welding fume control and a healthy, clean environment for workers.

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