Battery Manufacturing

Employees working in battery manufacturing plants may potentially be exposed to lead concentrations greater than the OSHA permissible exposure limit.

Battery Manufacturing is the process of producing lead-acid batteries, commonly used in automobiles, fork trucks, material handling, and standby power applications.

Imperial System’s CMAXX dust collection system is the perfect modular collector for battery manufacturing applications. The CMAXX  dust collection system comes in many different variations and is modular in design so making a standard model custom is an easy task.

We work with customers that are concerned about being compliant with EPA and OSHA. We understand the risks and concerns of handling combustible and toxic dusts.  Our equipment and systems are custom designed to fit into your existing operation with little or no down time.

Battery Manufacturing processes may generate gasses, fumes and various oxides that are dangerous to breathe. When returning the air from the dust collector it may require HEPA filtration. The DeltaMAXX Replacement Cartridge Filters are very effective at removing the larger particles all the way down to the very fine particles. MERV rating 99%+ 0.3-0.4 micron.

The CMAXX’s heavy-gauge construction along with being the first modular dust collector with no external bolt holes, creates a safe environment for your workers and total field flexibility. With no external bolt holes it’s easy for us to say “NO LEAKS GUARANTEED”!

We specialize in OSHA and NFPA compliant systems to meet all of the newest codes.

Recommended Equipment

Typical Battery Manufacturing Processes

  • Oxide and Grid Production
  • Plate Processing
  • Battery Assembly
  • Battery Repair and Reclaim
  • Environmental Controls and Maintenance


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