Dust Collector Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Our inspection checklist form determines the optimal scheduled maintenance for your equipment set-up


Dust Collectors made by Imperial Systems are designed to provide many years of air filtration and air pollution control. Cleaner air means a healthier workplace environment decreasing employee and production downtime.

Proper preventative maintenance on your Dust Collector will ensure the cleanest air possible and maximizing the life of the machine.

Our ServiceMAXX program will provide high quality, worry-free maintenance of your dust collection system. Our experts will evaluate the equipment you have and tailor a regularly scheduled maintenance program to give you the best results all year long.

Features & Benefits of ServiceMAXX

  • Priority over non-contracted service customers
  • Enhances performance from a machine that is properly adjusted and calibrated
  • Operating budgets are more accurate due to knowing the cost of maintenance
  • Reduces the risk of downtime productivity loss
  • No need to stop your production—our trained service technicians do it all
  • Program is available throughout the continental US
  • Lower operating costs with scheduled maintenance verse unplanned breakdowns

ServiceMAXX Guarantee

Professional, Trained Service Technicians Preventative Maintenance = Yearly Cost Savings
Cleaner Facility & Air = Healthier Employees Longer Dust Collector Service Life

Service Program Includes

Service Program Includes

  • Visual inspection of internal components
  • Airlock inspection if applicable
  • Filter replacement and tube sheet cleaning (with purchase of filters)
  • Observe and verify proper machine operation
  • Identify needed parts
  • Recommend maintenance
  • Identify components nearing the end of their life
  • Calibration, tune-ups, and updates
  • Visual inspection of duct
  • Free telephone support

Don’t Have a CMAXX Dust Collector?

We service many types of collectors including, but not limited to:

  • Donaldson Torit
  • Camfil Farr
  • AAF
  • UAS
  • MicroAir
  • Airex
  • Robovent
  • Blastec
  • Wheelabrator
  • Pangborn