Use the Dust Collection Experts

Dust Collector Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance to your dust collector can keep your unit as well as your shop running effectively and safely. This dust collector service checklist will guide you through the optimal maintenance plan for your collector.

Dust collector are an investment and should be designed for many years of use. At Imperial Systems, we build our CMAXX Dust & Fume Collectors to last, and have backed them with a lifetime warranty.

Whether your equipment is built to last a lifetime or not, proper maintenance of your dust collector will ensure that your unit is cleaning the air as efficiently as possible and will maximize the life of the machine.

Dust collector service may be an overwhelming task for those not familiar with this type of equipment. Our ServiceMAXX team can provide you with high quality, worry-free maintenance of your dust collection system. Our experts will evaluate your equipment and taylor a regularly scheduled maintenance program to give you the best results all year long.

Spark trap option shown mounted on Air-Port fume exhaust hood support leg/duct
Serviceman inspecting compressed air header valves on a CMAXX dust and fume collector installation

Our ServiceMAXX Program Includes

Visual inspection of internal components

Airlock inspection if applicable

Filter replacement and tube sheet cleaning (with purchase of filters)

Observe and verify proper machine operation

Identify components nearing the end of their life

Recommend maintenance

Identify needed parts

Calibration, tune-ups, and updates

Visual inspection of duct

Free telephone support

Filter Change-Out & Service

There’s a major advantage to having dust collector service professionals do your filter changes for you. Our ServiceMAXX team doesn’t just change filters. They also inspect them, check for leaks or other problems, conduct dye testing, and make sure your system is working properly. Having the ServiceMAXX team change your filters means that if there is a problem, you’ve already got the right people there to solve the issue.

Our team can assist you with

System Inspection

Our technicians will inspect your drums and hopper, valves and hoses, door seals and gaskets, compressed air pressure, and airlock wipers (if applicable).

Cartridge Filter Change-Out

Keep your staff focused on the task at hand and let the dust collector service professionals change your cartridge filters.

Baghouse Filter Bag Change-Out

WIth baghouses containing hundreds of bags, changing these bags can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Leave this dusty job to the dust collection service professionals. 

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can save your company a lot of time and money in potential future downtime. Our team can properly assess common wear items and parts in need of replacement.

Dye Testing

Leaks in your filters can mean that your collector is not working efficiently and your facility and employees may be in danger. Our team can conduct a simple dye test to determine if you have a leak.

Don’t Have a CMAXX Dust Collector?

We service many types of collectors including, but not limited to:

  • Donaldson Torit
  • Camfil Farr
  • AAF
  • UAS
  • MicroAir
  • Airex
  • Robovent
  • Blastec
  • Wheelabrator
  • Pangborn