Metal Cutting Fume Extraction

The CMAXX dust and fume collector is the perfect system for metal cutting processes. Examples of these include CNC machining, plasma or laser cutting, and grinding. These processes produce hazardous fumes, requiring a well-designed ventilation system. For metal cutting fume extraction, there are many different applications that need specially designed solutions. These applications include:

  • Oxy-fuel cutting
  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Milling
  • Deburring

CMAXX Metal Cutting Fume Extraction System

A system designed for capturing fumes and dust from cutting metal can meet NFPA standards and OSHA regulations. By removing hazardous fumes from the air, fume extraction keeps exposures within OSHA limits. As a result, this improves worker health and safety. Similarly, with fire and explosion safety systems, the system will meet NFPA standards for handling combustible dust.

Metal cutting often requires very tight tolerances and very high accuracy. So a metal fume extraction system must be designed not to interfere with the precision of the machines. Hoods, fume arms, and downdraft tables are all examples of options to extract fumes without obstructing access to the cutting process.

Further, metal cutting may involve many different metals and alloys. This includes common metals like carbon steel or aluminum, or more exotic metals like titanium. Our CMAXX fume extraction systems are designed for the type of metal you use in your process. Also, special solutions are available for highly combustible or hazardous metal fumes.

CMAXX metal cutting fume extractor

Possible Equipment

Filters for Metal Cutting Fume

The CMAXX with DeltaMAXX filters is designed for applications like fume extraction during metal cutting processes. The particles in the fumes are very small. However, this system with the correct filters can capture these sub-micron particles. Systems can be ambient, filtering all the air in the entire workspace. They can also be source capture, with hoods or downdraft tables acting as fume extraction capture points.

Some metal cutting, grinding, or deburring applications may produce fumes and larger dust particles. Imperial Systems can design a fume extraction system with the right airflow to handle a variety of particle sizes.

For examples of some of our metal fume extraction projects, feel free to see the case studies below. For more information on combustible dust or the use of cutting tables, please see our white papers for more details.