Industrial Dust Collector Filter Types

Jan 5, 2021

When you need to replace filters for your industrial dust collector, what kind of filters do you need? There are certainly many filter manufacturers offering lots of choices. However, most dust collector filter types come in a few common materials. So, the type of filter you need depends on your system and type of dust.

Overall, the industrial dust collector filter types listed below are some of the most common. But if you have a special challenge, or questions about your filter needs, our filter experts can help you. We’ve figured out filter problems for other customers so we can help you.


Choosing from Many Dust Collector Filter Types

Dust collector filters require replacement on a regular basis. Some people may get a year out of their filters, while some may get a few months. Because of the expense, people might look for the least expensive filters.

We’ll talk about what makes those cheap dust collector filters so cheap, and what other choices you have. The right type of filter will maximize dust collector performance.



  • Most basic type of filter
  • 80% cardboard and 20% polyester
  • Lowest MERV rating
  • Poor filter life
  • Not usually recommended



  • Treated with a layer of nanofiber
  • Highest MERV rating for standard cartridge filters
  • Improved filter life
  • Captures more particles on the surface
  • FR filters treated with fire retardant



  • Different basic filter material
  • More resistant to damage
  • MERV rating lower than nanofiber
  • The choice for challenging dust or fumes
  • Can be tried if nanofiber doesn’t work



  • Specialized material for certain applications
  • Resists damage from water or oil
  • For filters exposed to moisture or oily material
  • Specialized or challenging applications
  • Higher cost but sometimes necessary



  • PTFE repels most materials
  • Nonstick coating for sticky materials
  • For very challenging applications
  • Increased cost for special coating
  • Suitable for very tough applications


How to Choose the Right Type of Filter

Our filter experts know which filters have worked on applications like yours before. We can offer some advice on choosing the kind of cartridge filter you need. Still, every application has different challenges. Below you’ll find some suggestions for choosing the type of filter for your dust collection.


Your challenge: small dust or fume particles (down to 0.3 microns)Most dust collector filter types come in a few common materials

Possible solution: standard nanofiber filter


Your challenge: collecting flammable or explosive dust

Possible solution: nanofiber FR to resist fire


Your challenge: filtering dust that could damage filters

Possible solution: spunbond


Your challenge: oil, humidity, or water entering collector

Possible solution: spunbond hydrophobic/oleophobic


Your challenge: sticky problem materials most filters can’t handle

Possible solution: spunbond PTFE


These are possible solutions, not guarantees. All dust collection systems have their own challenges with their own materials. Some special applications require unusual filters not listed here. These types of cartridge filters will cover most dust collection needs.

The field of dust collection often presents you with difficulties that can cause problems for your business. The type of filter you use may contribute to the problem.

Contact us at Imperial Systems for help finding the right filter for your system. If you know what type of cartridge filter works for you, ask us about competitive pricing on replacements for all types of dust collectors, including Donaldson Torit, Camfil Farr, Robovent, Micro Air, and many others.