Excel Industries Improves Work Environment and Efficiency with Imperial Dust Collectors

Apr 3, 2024

Excel Industries, a Kansas-based manufacturer, invented zero-turn mowers and produces Hustler and Big Dog brands. Due to the welding area of their production facility, they needed a fume extraction solution. As a result, Imperial Systems provided dust collection that greatly improved air quality and efficiency at Excel’s facility. 

Challenges at Excel Industries 

Excel Industries faced two main challenges. With over 50 manual welders, Excel’s top priority was employee health. “First and foremost was the wellbeing of our employees. We really wanted to create a good, healthy, and comfortable environment for our welders,” said Christopher Waldron, senior welding engineer. Because inhaling welding fumes can cause respiratory problems, Excel wanted to ensure their employees could breathe easily throughout the workday. 

Maintaining a clean and efficient shop floor was also important. That is because dust and particulate matter can create a messy work environment and potentially affect product quality. Additionally, finding a dust collector that required minimal maintenance and didn’t take up valuable floor space was crucial. “Floor space was a premium for us,” said Waldron. 

Additional Considerations 

Excel was also seeking a unit that needed minimal maintenance and didn’t need constant attention from staff. Because they experience the variety of weather in Kansas, returning heated or cooled air back into the facility is very important. This feature saves both electricity and money in the long run. 

Outdoor installation of a CMAXX dust and fume collector at Excel Industries

Why Excel Industries Chose Imperial Systems 

After considering various options, Excel Industries decided to partner with Imperial Systems for several reasons: 

Longevity: Imperial System’s lifetime warranty on the CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector appealed to Excel. “We were really interested in a unit that would last a long time,” said Waldron. The CMAXX’s arched roof and rain guard make it stand the test of time even in outdoor applications. 

Safety Pentagon Approach: Imperial Systems’ commitment to safety resonated with Excel. Their dust collectors featured innovative solutions to prevent incorrect operation or filter loading, ensuring the safety of Excel’s employees. 

Responsive Sales Team: Excel appreciated the dedicated attention they received from Imperial Systems’ team. “Their sales team was responsive. They were always there to answer our questions. It felt like we got a more personalized experience,” said Waldron. 

Positive Results 

After three or four months of use, Excel Industries was impressed with the CMAXX Dust and Fume Collector. They saw a significant decrease in airborne smoke and particulate matter in the welding shop. In fact, environmental testing revealed a 30-40% reduction in aggregate particulate across the shop, with some areas experiencing a reduction of up to 150%. This improvement in air quality creates a healthier and more comfortable work environment for Excel’s welders. 

Overall, Excel Industries’ experience with Imperial Systems’ dust collectors has been positive. The improved air quality has certainly led to a healthier work environment for employees, and the reduction in dust and particulate matter has likely contributed to increased efficiency. Likewise, if you are a manufacturer looking to improve your shop’s air quality and efficiency, Imperial Systems’ dust collectors are the best solution.