Transforming Recycling: How Cronimet Recovers Valuable Resources with Dust Collection

Apr 10, 2024

Cronimet Specialty Metals, a metals recycling facility, recently faced a unique challenge in its operations. The nature of their work with specialized materials – stainless steel, tungsten, and cobalt – necessitates the use of powdered catalysts. While essential to the process, these catalysts generated airborne dust. Additionally, losing this valuable material represented a missed opportunity for resource recovery. 

Balancing Air Quality and Resource Recovery in Recycling

Other dust collection systems, while effective for general particulate control, wouldn’t suffice for Cronimet’s specific recycling needs. They required a solution that not only minimized dust but also facilitated the crucial reclamation of the catalyst material for continued use. 

Custom-Designed Solution: Imperial Meets the Challenge 

Custom-Designed CMAXX installation at Cronimet Specialty Metals recycling facilityPartnering with Imperial Systems, Cronimet was able to implement a customized dust collection system designed to address their unique challenges. Imperial Systems’ team of experts understood the critical nature of both air quality control and resource recovery. Their solution effectively minimized airborne particulates within the facility while simultaneously enabling the efficient reclamation of the dust for further utilization in the recycling process. 

Beyond Clean Air: Recovering Revenue and Setting a New Standard 

The positive impact of the implemented system extends beyond air quality benefits. “We’re recovering lost revenue when it was just going into the air, onto the walls, and onto the floors,” said Robert Taylor, who works in maintenance at Cronimet Specialty Metals. “It worked better than our expectations.” 

The collaboration between Cronimet Specialty Metals and Imperial Systems goes beyond the technical aspects of the dust collection system. Taylor emphasizes the exceptional level of customer service provided by the Imperial Systems team. “Everyone at Imperial Systems just goes out of their way to answer all the questions and make sure we got everything we wanted, and we did,” said Taylor in a testament to Imperial Systems’ commitment to client satisfaction. 

By leveraging Imperial Systems’ expertise in dust collection technology, Cronimet Specialty Metals is not only achieving a more sustainable recycling process but also establishing a new standard for responsible and efficient metal resource recovery. When it’s time to purchase additional dust collectors, Taylor made it clear which manufacturer the company would be going with. “We’ve used other manufacturers. I won’t use their name, but there’s a big one that’s blue. I think the quality, comparing this system to competitors, is so much better,” said Taylor.