Explosive Dust Prevention Is Key

Jun 27, 2016

You may have heard about explosive dust before.  You’ve read news about a manufacturing facilities that suffered a catastrophe due to combustible dust ignition.  Did you ever wonder how it happens? How a small collection of dust particles can explode with such tremendous power and scale?  We at Imperial Systems, Inc pose an even greater question:  Is your workplace and employees safe from this risk?

Read this industry alert that was written by the North Carolina Department of Labor Safety and Health Division about the Dangers of Combustible Dust.  It is an excellent learning resource that clearly defines the dangerous and sometimes fatal results of instantaneous dust explosions.

explosive dust test

Imperial’s CMAXX dust collector deflagration testing

Over the years Imperial Systems has posted many blogs about explosive dust dangers. We have the knowledge, the experience  and the right equipment to prevent explosive dust ignition in your facility.  Need more information?  Give one of our professional team members a call today at 800-918-3013.  

To learn even more, check out our other articles on combustible dust dangers.  Knowledge is the real power in prevention.

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