Case Study: Precision Tooling Manufacturer Needs Fume Control

Jul 23, 2019


A precision tooling manufacturer needed help managing their welding and cutting fumes. This company manufactures high quality, precision machined parts for many different industries. Their priorities are customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, and quick turnaround times.

The company also prioritizes employee health and safety. So they understood the need to control the welding and cutting fumes from their precision tooling processes. Their facility had problems with fumes in the air during production. Because of this, they began researching dust and fume collection companies.

CMAXX dust collection system installed for a precision tooling manufacturerSolution:

The company contacted Imperial Systems via our website. Above all, they needed a high-efficiency system designed by a company that understood the needs of a precision tooling facility. They also needed quick and efficient installation to minimize downtime in production.

The company chose Imperial Systems based on our extensive engineering experience and the knowledgeable, professional sales team. To streamline the process, Imperial Systems designed a system with a CMAXX CM006 dust and fume collector. The system had hoods for all welding and cutting stations, and it also included all ductwork and fittings.

The Imperial Systems field team installed the entire system. During the process, they were able to complete the installation with minimal downtime for the facility. As a result, the company was pleased with the installation process. They were also happy with the performance of their new system.

Feedback From the Precision Tooling Manufacturer

The plant manager reports that after one month of continuous operation, the CMAXX is performing beyond expectations. The DeltaMAXX filters are maintaining high efficiency. Imperial Systems achieved the company’s goal of providing a clean, safe working environment free of welding and cutting fumes.

The plant manager of the precision tooling manufacturer stated, “The installation went very smooth. The Imperial Systems field crew is fully dependable and always clean and neat. All around good people.”

At Imperial Systems, we strive to provide a quality experience for customers. This starts with their first interactions with the sales team. Then it continues through engineering, delivery, installation, and support.

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