Case Study: DeltaMAXX Filters Handle Tough Lead Fabrication Job

Jul 23, 2019

This company is the largest lead fabrication company in the United States. They are second only to battery manufacturers in the amount of lead-based products they manufacture. Examples of these include drywall, plywood, lead strips, discs, and sheets.

Problem: Lead Fabrication Process Heat Melted Inferior Filters

Because of the stress that lead fabrication dust puts on filters, this company had filters failing every few months. They reported that this was due to the filters they were using, which were “very poor quality.” As a result, the filters overheated inside the dust collector, melting the filter media.

Due to the health and safety hazards presented by lead dust, the company needed efficient and reliable filters. But the filters they purchased from the manufacturer of their dust collector continued to melt down and fail within months of install. In other words, hard chunks of media fell off the filters as they broke down.


The company researched filter manufacturers and spoke to a sales representative at Imperial Systems. We were able to find a match for their current manufacturer’s filters. The company decided to replace its current filters with DeltaMAXX oval nanofiber filters.

The new filters proved to be much more durable. Above all, they handled the challenges of lead fabrication without falling apart. They also lasted much longer than the original manufacturer’s filters. As a result, the company no longer experienced filter meltdowns or chunks of filter material falling off.

DeltaMAXX filters handled lead fabrication dust and were a large improvement over the company's previous filters that had to be replaced every few months.


The company continues to purchase DeltaMAXX filters from Imperial Systems. As a customer for years, they are still happy with the quality and pricing of the filters. The filters continue to perform well in their dust collector and hold up to the demands of their lead fabrication work.

“The cost has been great per unit when we compare to other companies,” our contact reported. “The cost has been more competitive and the quality has been much better. The cartridge itself is much more durable compared to what we used in the past. Every time we have asked for a quote or response, we have always gotten a fast response. The information we got from Imperial about their DeltaMAXX filters has been as advertised. The product is less expensive and the quality is better.”

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