CMAXX Wipes Custom Countertop Fabrication Challenges

Mar 2, 2021


A Kansas City area custom countertop fabrication company had a dust collector that was inadequate.  They were getting fine dust particulate throughout their shop.  They needed a machine that could keep up with multiple CNC routers and filter the fine dust.


The application involves processing a material called Solid Surface. This is a manmade material manufactured from a variety of resins. It is often used to manufacture customer countertops and other kitchen/bath products. This facility was producing dust with two CNC routers and two chop saws.


This customer had fine dust particulate bypassing their current dust collector.  They were using an open bag-style dust collector that was not designed to capture fine dust.  The dust generated was potentially combustible, which had to be considered when designing this system.  There were a few specific issues that had to be contemplated during system design.  First, they had no way of putting the dust collector outside because they were landlocked with other companies on every side. Second, they are leasing the building, so they could not put holes through the roof.  Lastly, they needed to have a larger hopper to avoid emptying dust too often, and needed to keep the system under 19’.

The customer’s goals were to filter the dust and have a system that would effectively capture even the finest material from the countertop fabrication operation. In their process, they also had a small amount of wood that was used while cutting the Solid Surface.

Solution for Countertop Fabrication Dust
CMAXX dust collector is the solution for custom countertop fabrication.

Patrick Mulligan of Imperial Systems worked with the project manager on this plan to purchase a new system.  They first started working with Imperial Systems when they found us on the internet.  Patrick reviewed their application and concerns to start the development of this system and then scheduled a site visit to review. With the concern of the potential combustible dust Patrick created a system that included:

  • EIV Explosion Isolation Valve to protect return air in the event of a deflagration
  • Flameless Explosion vent to protect the interior of the building from flame if there was an explosion. They did not go with a chemical explosion suppression agent or a ducted vent to the exterior of the building because the cost was prohibitive.
  • IDA Inline Deflagration Arrestor – The customer wanted to return the air to the building to save on utilities and in addition, their lease caused issues venting outside.  The Imperial IDA system stops a flame front in the event of a deflagration without the need for expensive secondary filters or other outlet isolation devices.
  • DeltaMAXX Filters – MERV 15 rated Nanofiber Fire Retardant IDA filters. These filters are designed to capture the fine particulate

The beginning of the quoting process started in September of 2017 and the customer decided on Imperial Systems being the best partner for this project at the end of February 2018.  After the order was received we designed, manufactured, and installed this turnkey system by the middle of April.

Equipment List

  • CMAXX Model CM004
  • IDA Inline Deflagration Arrestor
  • Particulate Sensor
  • Flameless Explosion Vent
  • Explosion Isolation valve
  • Abrasion Resistant Space Saving inlet
  • Fan outlet Silencer
  • Cast Airlock
  • Self-Dumping Hopper
  • DeltaMAXX Filters
  • HP Top Mount Fan
  • Integrated Control Panel
  • ServiceMAXX system Install

If your own company does countertop fabrication using Solid Surface, granite, or some other material, contact us today to have a CMAXX sized and configured for your specific application.