Fume Collection for Pipe Plasma Cutting

May 8, 2019


James is the senior industrial engineer at a company in Kansas. Recently, the company bought a pipe plasma cutting machine. At the time, James knew that plasma cutting would produce a lot of smoke and that he needed a dust and fume collector.

James and some of his coworkers had visited another Imperial Systems customer who already has a CMAXX doing fume collection on a pipe plasma cutting application.

A CMAXX Dust and Fume collector is the perfect solution for a pipe plasma cutting application.

“They spoke really highly of you guys and your product, and even about buying the parts and filters,” James said. “That was certainly a big factor in choosing your company.”

Inquiring at Imperial Systems, James found himself working with salesperson Justin and engineer Troy to design a system for his application. Because he was warned about the amount of smoke a plasma cutter produces, he wanted to be prepared.

The new collector had to meet air quality standards and be able to capture the very fine smoke from plasma cutting. Imperial Systems provided the data showing that the CMAXX will do everything he needed it to do.

As for working with a company located in Pennsylvania while his company is in Kansas, James laughed. “Long distance relationships can be a little tricky, but we were able to work everything out. “

Pipe Plasma Cutting Solution:

DeltaMAXX Filter are the perfect solution to capture the fine particulate produced by plasma cutting pipe.The solution that James and his team at Imperial Systems agreed on was a CM008, an eight-cartridge collector. To achieve fine particulate capture, the collector uses DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters suitable for plasma smoke. The importance of air quality control means that fume collection from the pipe plasma cutting machine needs to be completely under control.

The new system performs as designed for fume collection for pipe plasma cutting. Some adjustments were made to the source capture point for cutting sheet metal, but the system is adaptable. As a result, by James being proactive with getting dust and fume collection for his new equipment, he prevented any air quality issues.


“The guys from Imperial System worked with me and were very helpful,” James said. “We also really like your hats. The guys in the shop love them. So we asked for more hats and Justin sent us more. But there still weren’t enough, though. The guys want more hats.”

Somewhere in Kansas, there’s a shop full of guys wearing Imperial Systems hats. We’re proud that our CMAXX, our service, and our hats have proved themselves in the field once again.

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