FABTECH 2019 | Chicago

Jan 24, 2020

FABTECH is exciting every year, but 2019 was a special one for all of us. First, this year we invited all of our Imperial Systems representatives to join us in Chicago for a yearly sales meeting, after which many of them joined us in the booth to meet potential customers.

Second, this year we introduced two brand new products, the Shadow Compact Fume Extractor and the DeltaMAXX Prime filter. Along with these new products, the booth also included two CMAXXs and several other products on display.

Imperial Systems booth at Fabtech 2019Despite Chicago unleashing some unpleasant weather on the first day of the show, everyone who attended agreed that FABTECH and the sales meeting were both great successes. Reps from all over the country joined us in the booth, and we met people from all over the industry and all over the world.

One of our team noted it was a great learning experience, getting to see industry products and innovations from around the world.

“Fabtech is always a great opportunity to see what other companies are doing in comparison to what we are,” aftermarket salesman Donovan Karki reported. “I felt that the best part was seeing all of our competitors crawling all over our innovation on our equipment because theirs is just the same as last year.”

Competitors and potential customers alike took note of the innovations. Tomm Frungillo, Director of Sales and Marketing, noted that the reps at the sales meeting were also excited about the new products, and about the direction of the company in general. Due to growth during the year, several new faces were present at the meeting, and everyone seemed to find it beneficial.

South Central Territory Manager Justin Ferrainola observed that “there was a lot of buzz from the new Shadow unit. People seemed to really like the overall design and look of it.”

The DeltaMAXX Prime also impressed people by fitting 400 square feet of media into a cartridge that’s still light and easy to handle. The Safety Pentagon drew attention by preventing any errors or accidents in filter installation. Redundant features prevent the doors from closing on incorrectly installed filters, making it nearly impossible for someone to install them in an unsafe manner.

Erin Long, Graphic Designer, appreciated the chance to see the products being offered by our competitors, and to get a feel for how they are marketing themselves. As we move forward as a company with our marketing efforts, knowing the competition will help us stay ahead of the game.

With so much attention and interest drawn to our booth this year, we feel like FABTECH 2019 was a great success and another step toward establishing ourselves as one of the industry’s most innovative manufacturers.