Case Study: Tire Recycling Center

Jun 26, 2013


Imperial Systems’ Dust Collection System Design at a Tire Recycling Center Brings Plant Up to Code


The tire recycling center recognized that their dust collection system did not meet NFPA Guidelines.

The challenge was to utilize the existing dust collection equipment to come up with a solution to meet NFPA explosion guidelines.


The Tire Recycler chose Imperial Systems, Inc. solution over the competition.  Imperial Systems, Inc. proposed to make modifications to the existing dust collection equipment as well as adding new equipment and ducting to the current system.

Jeremiah Wann, President, and Charlie Miller, Sales Engineer for Imperial Systems, worked with Imperial’s engineers to design a system that would work with the current dust collection equipment and the necessary modifications to meet the customers’ needs.  An Imperial Systems High Efficiency Cyclone, three Imperial Systems Heavy Duty Airlocks, two Imperial Backdraft Dampers and all duct work and install were specified.

The Tire Recycling Facility is very satisfied with the operation of their Imperial Systems, Inc. dust collection system.  The new dust collection system, in conjunction with the modifications that were made to the existing equipment has brought the plant up to code and has cleaned up the facility.

 Product:  Truck Tire Recycling System, Car Tire recycling System, Existing System Fans Replacement
 Equipment:  ISH-96 High Efficiency Cyclone
 ALHD-12RD Heavy Duty Airlock
 ALHD-12SQ Heavy Duty Airlock
 ALHD-24RD Heavy Duty Airlock
 IBD30-10 Backdraft Damper
 IBD35-10 Backdraft Damper
 Duct and Fittings
 Application:  Rubber Recycling

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