Sheet Metal Duct Fittings Done Right With Imperial Systems

Mar 16, 2016

Don’t choose sub-standard sheet metal duct fittings for your metalworking business. Save time and money by choosing Imperial Systems.

When the company first began back in 2001, Imperial Systems was strictly a fabricator of custom sheet metal duct fittings. Although Imperial Systems is now considered a manufacturer of industrial dust collectors, we are also still experts in custom duct and fitting jobs. Our pride in developing custom sheet metal duct fittings has always remained intact as we feel we are the best and most experienced in the industry with these custom jobs.

Why Choose Imperial For Custom Sheet Metal Duct Fittings?

sheet metal duct fittingsPaired with our outstanding customer service, we manufacture only the highest quality products that are reliable, durable, and guaranteed to last. Below are a few reasons why you should consider replacing your current duct and fittings with Imperial Systems:

  • Your current sheet metal duct fittings are in disrepair. Don’t let dust and fumes escape, causing your employees to be sick. Even more serious is the risk of combustion in the workplace.
  • You’ve noticed your employees getting sick more often. The cause may be leaky ducts and fittings. Look into replacing your current system with Imperial Systems’ trusted products.
  • Poor customer service. If you find that your current provider for sheet metal duct fittings is lacking in quality customer service, find out why Imperial Systems maintains trustworthy business relationships with our clients.
  • Your system is outdated. With an updated system regulated by OSHA and NFPA standards, you can save time and money. You may also reduce a risk of an accident or hazard.

We are often called upon to take jobs focused on ducting and sheet metal in addition to the dust collection systems we are best known for. Our standard of quality applies not only to dust collection but to the sheet metal duct fittings that enhance your current system so you know you’re in good hands.

When making a purchase decision in the metalworking industry, you must take into consideration both the quality of the product being purchased as well as the effectiveness and safety for the end-user–your employees. Today’s advances in dust collection systems have lessened replacement costs and injury or death due to faulty equipment.

Ready for Sheet Metal Duct Fitting Solutions From Imperial?

Don’t let your employees risk their health due to the fine dust particles that is a common byproduct in the metalworking industry. Keep your employees healthy and your environment safe with our quality sheet metal duct design work. Our ducts and fittings can be added to any current system you have, or we can replace your system with one of our highly demanded CMAXX™ Dust Collector Systems.

If you’d like to request a quote or schedule an assessment  based on your needs for a hardworking, high-quality sheet metal duct fitting which is both OSHA and NFPA regulated, get in touch with us today at 724.662.2801 or by finding out more about us.

At Imperial Systems, we specialize in advanced safety solutions you can count on.