Improve Your Dust Collector Efficiency With A DeltaMAXX™ Cartridge Filter Replacement

Mar 19, 2016

Reduce emissions with our DeltaMAXX™ replacement cartridge filters!

What are you looking for in a quality cartridge filter replacement? With any search for the perfect filter, you’re looking for a replacement cartridge filter that improves the efficiency of your dust collection system, reduces the change-out frequency which saves you time and money, and the capability to customize the cartridge filter to your dust collection system.

Nearly three years ago Forbes named metalworking as #5 on their list of deadliest jobs in America. At Imperial Systems, we know the hazards that metalworkers face due to the fumes, dust, smoke, and sparks they work with daily. That’s why it’s important to find a cartridge filter replacement manufacturer that can provide you with the features you need to keep your metalworkers safe!

Why Make DeltaMAXX™ Your Cartridge Filter Replacement?

  • Cartridge-Filter-ReplacementLonger Filter LifeOur filters have an advanced NanoFiber technology that stops submicron particles from entering and becoming embedded into the media beneath the NanoFiber.  Because of our nanofiber technology this prolongs the life of our filters. Giving you what you need – twice the filter life. Longer filter life minimizes workers exposure to dust, saves on maintenance and disposal costs, and has less impact on the environment.
  • Best Surface Loading Performance – Adding to the longer filter life you need is the best surface loading performance in the industry.The DeltaMAXX™ Cartridge Filter Replacement uses less compressed air due to the reduced buildup in and on the filters. Because of less buildup there are fewer pulses, and fewer pulses leads to a longer filter life.
  • Highest Efficiency – Due to our highest quality pleated media our filters have a high efficiency of 99% .3 -.5 Miron.  In order to perform at their peak level, average filters need time to warm up.  DeltaMAXX™ Cartridge Filter Replacements have nanofiber technology that gives our filters the ability to work at their peak performance immediately!

These are the top three reasons why you should choose DeltaMAXX™ as your cartridge filter replacement, but here are a few more reasons to consider Imperial Systems cartridge filters:

  • Our filters are manufactured for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors.
  • Our impressive MERV 15 Filtration Efficiency Rating!
  • Lower Operational Mass Emissions
  • Reduced Dust Collector Operational Costs
  • Replacing the cartridge filters can be one with just one person, and can take less than an hour to replace.

If you’re in the market for a reliable, efficient, longer-lasting filter think Imperial Systems! Contact us today, and let’s get your dust collection system fitted with our DeltaMAXX™ replacement cartridge filters!

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