Understanding Cold Spraying and Its Impact on Your Metalworking Facility

May 5, 2016

Within the metalworking industry, the demands for diverse material coatings are on the rise, and the development of application processes that address environmental concerns is an ever-growing field. Thermal spraying provides an attractive coating technique because it offers a wide selection of materials that have a reduced environmental impact as compared to conventional methods. Imperial Systems meets today’s top market needs by offering solutions that address problems from plasma, flame wire, flame powder, warm spraying, and cold spraying. We commit to helping you better prepare and protect your facility as your processes evolve and expand.


There are advantages to thermal spray coating techniques because they tackle the many problems of wear, corrosion and thermal degradation by engineering surfaces with customized coatings. Thermal spraying offers greater thickness capacity than traditional surface modification processes with minimal hazardous waste and no size restriction for parts.

High velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spraying is a thermal spray system based on the combustion of gases or a liquid fuel. The resulting high velocity propels the coating particles at near supersonic speeds before impact onto the surface, which generates high coating quality. One of the key benefits of this system’s high velocity is the extremely high coating density and low oxide content.

Cold spraying is an emerging form of High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) technology intended as a greener alternative that will satisfy increasingly rigorous environmental and health safety regulations. A number of materials have already proven to be suitable for cold spray including decorative, biomedical, automotive, industrial, and space exploration materials. The cold spraying process has huge potential of growth with more applications in new areas developing constantly.

Cold spraying need not be a dangerous process if the equipment is treated with care, and if correct spraying practices are followed. Ideally, equipment should operate automatically in enclosures specially engineered to extract fumes, reduce noise levels, and prevent direct contact with the spraying head. In addition, OSHA recommends that every metalworking facility be fitted with the appropriate dust and fume extraction system to reduce the risks associated with such processes, such as exposure to air pollutants and combustion susceptibility.

The Imperial Systems CMAXXTM Dust Collector System is specially designed with PD technology that allows for maximum Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in your facility. Some of its features and benefits include:

  • Increased cleaning power and energy efficiency with high-performance manifold mounted pulse valves.
  • 10% More filter media than other same-sized vertical cartridge collectors.
  • Vertical cartridge design for a longer filter life.
  • 100% Total pulse distribution.
  • Best in class internal velocities.
  • 15 Year manufacturer warranty

At Imperial Systems, we know the hazards that metalworkers face each day, and we continue to reach above and beyond the safety standards set by OSHA and the NFPA. If you’re looking for equipment that offers real solutions, delivers the cleanest air and provides you with the greatest cost savings, then contact Imperial Systems today at 800-918-3013. We’ll match your facility with dust collectors and filters that will improve your facility’s readiness for cold spraying, and any other new metalworking technology developments that may come along!