Dust and Fume Collection: Do You Need It?

Jul 29, 2016

Dust and Fume Collection: Some Industries That Might Not Know They Need It

Dust and fume collection in a manufacturing facility is important for many reasons.  Here are the top five reasons you should consider:

Top 5 reasons you need dust and fume collection: Employee Health, OSHA Regulations, EPA, Fire and Secondary Explosion Risk, Product Quality

Not Convinced Yet?

Can you name the metal that causes cancer, damages skin, eyes, lungs, and kidneys, and is found in everything from stainless steel to dyes and pigments?

If you said this compound is Hexavalent Chromium (https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/hexavalentchromium/), you’re right.

Chromium is a component of stainless steel, added to make the steel more corrosion-resistant. Consequently, the fumes produced from welding, laser cutting, or plasma cutting stainless steel contain hexavalent chromium. While this form of chromium is known to cause cancer, it also directly attacks the lungs and kidneys and can cause severe eye and skin irritation.

Further, hexavalent chromium doesn’t just appear in welded or heated stainless steel. Electroplating with chrome also presents a hazard, and hexavalent chromium compounds are used as pigments in inks, paints, and many types of plastic. In fact, working on any material plated with chrome or coated with a chromium-containing material may release hexavalent chromium into the air.

Think hexavalent chromium isn’t something to worry about in your type of business? You certainly may need to reconsider. That’s because OSHA testing showed which types of facilities had detectable levels of this dangerous metal in their air. The following are some of the top offenders:

  • Nonresidential building
  • Highway, street, and bridge
  • Foundation and structural materials
  • Foundries
  • Forging and stamping
  • Architectural and structural metals
  • Boiler, tank, and container
  • Coating
  • Engraving
  • Heat-treating
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Mining machinery
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Aerospace products and parts
  • Ship and boat building
  • Automotive repair and maintenance

Any surprises on this list? If your facility is part of any of these industries, contact us at 800-918-3013 for an assessment of your dust and fume collection needs.

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