Custom Sheet Metal Ductwork

Imperial Systems has a long history of fabricating custom sheet metal ductwork. We offer hundreds of different components.
Imperial Systems has a long history of fabricating custom sheet metal ductwork. We offer hundreds of different components.
Imperial Systems has a long history of fabricating custom sheet metal ductwork
Imperial Systems has a long history of fabricating custom sheet metal ductwork. Did you know that long before Imperial Systems started fabricating industrial dust collectors, the company got their start by fabricating custom sheet metal ductwork?

When the company first began back in 2001, Imperial Systems was strictly a fabricator of custom sheet metal ductwork and fittings. Although Imperial Systems is now considered a manufacturer of industrial dust collectors, we are also still experts in custom duct and fitting jobs. We haven’t stopped doing custom sheet metal ductwork jobs as we feel we are the best and most experienced in the industry with these custom jobs.

Machine Made Elbows

Lock Seem Pipe

Lock seam pipe is used in light duty applications where abrasion is not a problem. Our lock seam pipe can be fabricated from 24 ga. to 20 ga.

Fabricated Gore Elbows

This is our most common elbow. we use this type in virtually every industry. We can make the radius longer for material handling applications and shorter where abrasion is not a problem. We typically do A 2 x center line radius in light to medium applications and A 2-1/2 x center line radius in heavy material handling applications. We can fabricate gored elbows from 16 ga. to 3/8″ plate and from galvanized, stainless, black carbon or painted.

Standard Elbow Construction:

  • 5 Piece Pattern
  • Fully Welded Gores
  • Galvanized Finish
  • 2x Center Line Radius

Fully Welded Pipe

Our standard construction is one piece rolled and welded solid with one seam. All pipe measurements are OD x length. Our duct is fabricated in 5′ lengths and can be welded solid to any length required. In most cases we ship duct in 10′ or 20′ lengths. Our welded pipe can be fabricated from 16 gauge to 3/8″ plate. All pipe is smooth inside and free of burrs and rough edges. Pipe comes in galvanized, stainless, black carbon and painted.

Heavy Duty Flat Back Elbows

These are great elbows for heavy wear applications. Flat back elbows are a square constructed elbow typically with a 10 ga. housing and A 1/4″ plate back. The back plate can be either welded solid or bolted on for replacement without removing the entire elbow. Our backs can be fabricated from mild steel, stainless steel, abrasive resistant plate i.e. AR #400 or T1 wear plate. These elbows are the solution for tough applications.

Floor Sweeps

The face has a hinged door that seals off the air flow when it is not being used. There is a lever on the side of the door that can be operated by foot.

Angle Iron Rings

Angle Iron Quick Clamp

Large Basket and Home Furnishing Company Chooses Imperial Systems

Street view of the Longaberger Company building, which looks like a giant picnic basket

About the Company

The Longaberger Company is a globally renowned manufacturer of handcrafted maple wood baskets and offers other home and lifestyle products, including pottery, wrought iron, fabric accessories, and specialty foods. Located in the heart of Ohio, it is a primary employer in the local area.

The company distributes their products to approximately 45,000 independent consultants located throughout the U.S.A.

The Longaberger corporate headquarters is a well-known landmark and a brilliant example of novelty architecture. Longaberger HQ is uniquely shaped as the basket product that the company is nationally recognized for.


Due to the decline in economy value, the Longaberger Company had just sold one of their bigger buildings to move across the industrial park into one of their smaller facilities.

The Duct and fitting on the building was roughly ten years old, so it was time for a modification project. The goal was to find a company with expert engineers that could help with cutting cost, efficiency, and manufacturing the desired ductwork.

After hearing about what Imperial Systems had to offer from the staff at an Air Systems plant in Indiana, the Longaberger Company decided to reach out to Jeremiah Wann (president/CEO) at Imperial Systems to discuss the upcoming duct and fitting installation.

The Longaberger Company decided to go with Imperial Systems because of cost and what the company had to offer as far as design, layout, and their expert knowledge as a complete systems manufacturer.


The duct and fitting installation process began in January of 2014 and was separated into two phases. During the first phase, the Imperial Systems installation crew came and moved the existing cartridge collector and BRF to the new, down-sized, location. The second phase consisted of installing the duct and fittings.

“Imperial did a great job at looking at what our needs were and solving the issues that we had in the past. They helped us move from two big collectors down to one”, said Barry S., Longaberger plant mgr.

Large Basket and Home Furnishing Company chooses Imperial Systems
Large basket and Home Furnishing Company chooses Imperial Systems
internal ductwork system

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