The Domed Roof Design: The Solution to Your Worst Dust Collection Problems

Oct 8, 2015

Did you know that 30,000 US manufacturing facilities are considered at-risk for explosion by OSHA?

The Structure of a Dome: What’s to Like?

Side-View-Doors-Open-CUTOUTA domed roof design has been called “the king of all roofs”, and they support that name by covering many of the world’s most important and famous buildings. What is a dome? Domes have a curved structure, without corners, angles, or supporting columns. The design options for domes are many. You may see a dome on private homes, commercial buildings, or governmental and religious edifices.

Lightweight yet self-supporting, the dome provides a focal point and a natural attraction. In buildings, the airy dome structure creates an atmosphere evocative of pre-historic civilizations. Indeed, the dome’s deeply rooted origins in many cultures of the ancient world brings an air of richness and sophistication.

Design, quality and function combine to make this architectural structure a winner no matter where or what you’re building. And these observations hold true not just for buildings, but also for technology. What we refer to is industrial manufacturing. In many industries, the domed roof design has been shown to provide many benefits in the building. At Imperial Systems, we wanted to take the ingenuity of the domed system just one step further. For a quintessential dust collection system, we offer dust cartridge collectors with a superior domed roof design, providing industrial manufacturers with the many benefits of a long-lasting and safe instrument.


CMAXX Offer a Superior Domed Roof Design

CMAXX offers a superior domed roof design for cartridge dust collectors, providing a solid roof to increase efficiency. The roof on the CMAXX has a domed structure to make water run off and to improve the strength of the unit. These changes mean that the CMAXX is the only dust collector equipment that does not require external bolt holes. What does it include?

CMAXX domed roof design  = NO bolt holds; NO individual panels; and NO roof seams!


How CMAXX Stays Ahead of the Competition

Front-View-Straight-On-with-badgesIndustrial manufacturing requires instruments that can endure tough conditions, lasting for years and producing a high-quality material, all the while maintaining safety for those who use these instruments. That’s a tall order. At Imperial Systems we are interested in producing the best technologies, using scientific innovations as well as lessons from the past to create an equipment that will hold up to the pressures of your work. Safety equipment, such as cartridge dust collectors, must especially be designed to endure harsh environments.

Compared to the competition, the CMAXX domed structure excels in every way. If you research a similar unit without the domed roof design, you’ll discover a 16-cartridge dust collector with about 160 bolt holes and 1000 holes spaced throughout the collector. This design represents the old style of industrial fabrication, and the bolted panels hold water, leading to leaks and rusting and freezing. All these conditions signify damaged equipment for you.

But check out our the alternative!


Domed Roof Dust Collector Technology: A Challenge to the Status Quo

We know already that weather can be the most unpredictable and difficult element to control when it comes to producing safely and efficiently. At Imperial Systems, we’re not content to until we can provide you with the best for your manufacturing needs. The harsh external elements have resulted in warping, rust, leaks, and other problems for many metalworking and other industrial manufacturers. But your livelihood and the success of your business depends upon decreasing the instances of these types of problems. And the best way to eliminate the flaws in your production is to go back to its source: equipment.

The defects produced by your equipment can compromise the integrity of your unit. This undermines the safe environment you are seeking to create! Thus, we suggest that you confront these problems using a new and reformed dust collection system technology. We use four features to guarantee your protection against leaking and water damage.

  1.     Positive Bow. The shape allows debris to run off more easily with water so that the unit becomes easier to clean. This inhibits pooled-up water from freezing on top of the unit, causing damage.
  2.     One-piece Roof. Eliminating the individual-panel design, the one-piece roof offers a design that will be strong against leaking and warping.
  3.     Zero Bolt Holes. The system is sealed because we have eliminated the external bolt holes altogether. Now, you can rest assured that you will not have to deal with rusty bolts, leaks, and breaking parts.
  4.     A Strong Frame. The 3/16” roof is thick, fully welded, and the welds have been ground smooth. And, 1/4’” plate internal stiffeners offer the additional benefit of a reinforced structure.

What are the Biggest Threats to Dust Efficiency?

We believe that our domed dust collector structure presents a solution to the biggest challenges in the manufacturing business. The above-described features account for the major problems that will confront every industrial manufacturer: combustion, exposure, and pollution.

  1. Combustion.  Fire explosion is a primary hazard that can only be avoided by preventing the build-up of dust particles. Employees should also be aware of the locations of the nearest fire extinguishers and the exit protocol in case of an emergency. While new OSHA guidelines have decreased the number of fires occurring in industrial plants in the U.S. it is estimated that there are still 30,000 facilities at risk for dust combustion.
  2. Exposure. According to the Vision Council, 61% of reported eye injuries occur in trade, manufacturing, and construction jobs. The eyes are exposed to chemical fumes, metal, dust, concrete, and other particles that can be injurious to the worker. Besides affecting the eyes, chemical exposure is also dangerous to the nervous, reproductive, and urinary systems. For these reasons, employees should always wear their personal protective equipment such as eye goggles and dust masks. A well-built dust collector decreases these risks by decreasing the amount of material that can exit the system.
  3. Pollution. When there is a high concentration of dust, smokes, and particles in the air, this affects the ability to breath. Inhalation of such particles can cause damage to the major organs and cause other health problems. Dust in particular can cause breathing problems, injuring the lungs and aggravating any health conditions the worker may already have. The presence of dust in the air is also a predictor of accidents, as the worker is less able to see in these environments.


Invest in Quality.

The domed roof design dust collector provides a one-piece structure that protects your workers against leakage and damage. With many risks at stake, it’s important to consider the best options for your company so that you can avoid being another explosion statistic! For more information or questions, please talk to us at Imperial Systems. We are available to help you decide the best dust collector for your current needs.