Apr 5, 2018

A team from Imperial Systems recently spent three days in Denver at the GEAPS (Grain Elevator & Processing Society) annual trade show. GEAPS is “the knowledge resource for the grain industry”. Imperial Systems had a booth at the show to talk about our BRF baghouses, spot filters, and other options for grain industry dust control. Jeremiah and Mitch had a good time at the show, joined by Tommy Eastlack from Glacier Technology, and even got to appreciate some of the Colorado scenery.

Imperial Systems booth at GEAPS

As usual, the show featured many types of equipment used in the grain industry, including elevators, conveyors, screeners, and separators. All of these types of equipment are opportunities for combustible grain dust to become a hazard. Spot filters are an excellent choice for grain dust applications because they can be located anywhere along the process line, including over elevators, conveyors, hoppers, and blenders. Spot filters offer CMAXX efficiency exactly where it’s needed. This is important because grain industry applications often have multiple areas across the facility where dust collection is needed. Spot filters are a solution for controlling those piles of dust that so often form around train moving or mixing equipment.

All of the Booths at GEAPS

When a large collector is needed, a BRF baghouse or a CMAXX may be used, depending on the application. Jeremiah and Mitch took the opportunity at GEAPS to provide information to lots of vendors and potential customers about our products. Fire and explosion prevention and control are also major issues for dust collection in the grain industry, so they also offered information about our products such as abort gates, EIVs, chemical fire suppression, and other options. A representative from Fike was also at the show, highlighting the importance of a strong fire safety program for all grain applications.

During their time in Denver, Jeremiah and Mitch also took the opportunity to visit Table Mountain in Golden, Colorado and the aptly named “Garden of the Gods” park in Colorado Springs. One of the special things about trade shows like GEAPS is getting to visit new places, such as last year’s Fabtech trip to Mexico. Next year GEAPS will be in New Orleans, and we expect that along with a successful trade show, there will also be some extracurricular adventures.