Imperial Systems Has Switched to Powder Coating

Feb 8, 2018

The switch to powder coating is one of the most exciting changes about our move to our new building. The booth is big enough to accommodate our largest pieces of equipment. This equips us to powder coat everything that we produce.

Man powder coating a BRF baghouse

Why the switch to powder coating? There are so many reasons!


Going Green

This paint application technology is much healthier for people and the environment. Liquid paint contains solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Therefore, it creates many dangerous emissions that can damage the environment and harm people’s health. The powder coat process creates almost no pollution, so it’s a much greener process than solvent-based liquid paints. The EPA considers powder coating a much better option for environmental health.

Inside view of Imperial’s power paint booth



It is extremely efficient. The metal attracts the powder which adheres to it. Collect and reuse any powder that doesn’t stick. Because there are no produced VOCs, a powder coating booth does not require expensive, complicated air cleaning systems. The technique is faster and easier than many other processes. Also, temperature and humidity don’t affect the process as much. This means it’s easier for us to ship finished products regardless of the weather.

Man applying powder coating paint to a BRF baghouse



This process produces a durable, tough surface that’s resistant to scratches, chips, and rust. It is used on everything from household items to metal equipment that needs to last many years outdoors in all conditions. It will give our equipment a finish that makes it even more weather-resistant than before, and protect it from rust, scratches, and other damage. We are currently the only company in the USA powder coating a round baghouse, so if you want a collector that’s going to stand up to almost anything, ours is the one to go with.



Imperial Systems baghouse being moved inside a powder coating paint booth for a superior finish

If you’re looking for an attractive finish, powder coating is definitely one of the best options. Because it coats evenly and doesn’t streak, run, or smear, it produces a smooth and good-looking finish. Items that are powder coated will look better and have a cleaner-looking surface than items painted with liquid paint. We want the appearance of our products to be as good as the performance, so getting a great finish is the perfect finishing touch.

Finished CMAXX dust and fume collectors ready for shipment

Freshly powder-coated CMAXX Dust and Fume Collectors are ready to be shipped out.