Imperial University and 2018 National Sales Meeting

Apr 11, 2018

This year, we hosted our National Sales Meeting and the first Imperial University. This was an opportunity for some of our representatives and dealers to come see our new facility, learn from the experts, and get a hands-on experience with our equipment. We were joined by more than thirty people, including reps from as far away as southern California. Despite a snow storm putting the schedule on a slight delay, everything went extremely well.

With the showroom and meeting rooms serving as classrooms, our guests enjoyed lots of treats while they received an education in a variety of subjects. The day started out with a presentation by Jeremiah on the history and growth of the company, then moved on to highlight the CMAXX. The CMAXX’s superiority to other collectors was discussed, including its function as an in-line deflagration arrestor (IDA). Since many of our reps have left competitors to come and work with us, many of them are familiar with the competition’s weaknesses. Jeremiah highlighted the CMAXX’s strengths as a product and our strength as a company.

Jeremiah Teaching about the CMAXX

The morning also featured a presentation by representatives from Fike, experts in fire protection and suppression systems. This covered the various NFPA codes that apply to combustible dust. It also covered may of the types of protective and preventative features that may be part of a dust collection system. NFPA provides the most detailed and important guidelines for combustible dust safety, so NFPA recommendations are very important to everyone who works in this field.

After a delicious lunch, all of our guests enjoyed a tour of the new plant, getting to see our products all the way from cutting and welding to the finished product. The flow of our shop allows things to get built easier and faster. The new powder coating line has our finished products looking amazing, and our visitors got a chance to get hands-on with our demo CMAXX unit.

We then split into small groups for some more specialized classes. Mitch provided an education on our BRFs, including the new medium pressure baghouse and how it works. Patrick discussed the use of our abort gates, EIVs, and airlocks. Justin presented information about our Spark Trap, DeltaMAXX filters, and he also demonstrated the use of our new quote tool. Charlie gave us all a college-level course in the mathematics and design of ductwork.

Feedback from the event was excellent. We’re very proud that we were able to treat everyone to an enjoyable and educational event, and it was much more than just a sales meeting. Many of us got to meet each other face to face for the first time, and many people got to see our new facility for the first time.

We’d like to thank everyone who was able to attend, participate, ask questions, and help make this a very special event for our company. We hope all participants had a good time and learned some valuable information that will help them as they move forward representing Imperial Systems products. We can’t wait to see everyone again next year.

Classroom of students learning duct design