Precision Tooling Manufacturer Chooses CMAXX Dust Collector

May 19, 2013

cmaxx fume collector

Product: CMAXX Dust and Fume Collector, Duct, Fittings and Install

Application: Welding and Cutting Fumes

Customer: Precision Tooling Manufacturer


The Precision Tooling Manufacturer has a proven track record of manufacturing high quality, precision tooling. The manufacturers’ emphasis is on customer satisfaction, quality workmanship, quick turnarounds and employee safety.

The Precision Tooling Manufacturer decided to invest in a dust and fume extraction system to protect their employees from welding and cutting fumes and contacted Imperial Systems, Inc. through their website.


Imperial Systems, Inc. engineered, manufactured and installed the entire dust collection system. The system incorporates a CMAXX CM06 Dust and Fume Collector with DeltaMAXX filters, hoods for the welding stations and all duct and fittings.

The Precision Tooling Manufacturer chose to go with Imperial Systems, Inc. because of the vast knowledge of the engineering department and the high level of confidence in the sales team. The Precision Tooling Manufacturer said that the system is performing above all expectations and Imperial Systems achieved the goal of the project. The installation went very smooth. The field crew was fully dependable and always clean and neat.

After one-month of continuous operation, the DeltaMAXX filters are running less than 1” w.g.

“The installation went very smooth. The IMP field crew was fully dependable and always clean and neat. All around good-people.” – Plant manager, Precision Tooling Manufacturer