Case Study – Weld Smoke Extraction Problems at a Metal Fabrication Facility

Mar 27, 2016

Case Study – Weld Smoke Extraction Problems at This Metal Fabrication Facility Solved with the CMAXXTM Dust and Fume Collector


Product: CMAXXTM (CM020) Dust Collector (Total of 3 units)

Application: Capture weld smoke and fumes

Customer: Masaba, Metal Working Fabricator of Bulk Handling Equipment for Mining, Aggregate, Agriculture, etc.

The Challenge:  Masaba’s manufacturing facility has a high ceiling that would become filled with smoke and fumes from their various welding bays. The old roof mounted system that was used to extract the weld smoke and fumes from the facility was not working properly.  This system was a hybrid HVAC unit that incorporated industrial air filters. The weld smoke being produced during daily production proved to be too much for the current air extraction unit.  The return air into the facility was not being filtered adequately, which defeated the purpose of the system altogether.

The Solution:  The President of Masaba, Jerad Higman, was not satisfied with the current situation.  As a business owner, he cared very much about his employee’s health and having a clean working environment.  Though the air quality was good enough in the shop, Jerad wanted to make it even better and decided a new, more effective system design was needed.  He called upon top industry dust collection manufacturers, Camfil Farr, Donaldson Torit, and Imperial Systems, Inc. to provide the best solution to his facilities’ air quality problems.  He knew each company was capable of solving the problem, but after meeting with Imperial System’s President, Jeremiah Wann, and hearing his ideas about mitigating all the weld smoke issues, Jerad knew he had found the right company.

A relationship of trust quickly developed between Jerad and Jeremiah as they worked together on the design and layout for the new system.  “I had a great experience in working with Jeremiah and Imperial Systems”, Jerad says.  “I really liked the fact that they are an American owned company and were always available when we needed them.”

The installation of an ambient weld smoke system was the ultimate choice to clear Masaba’s facility of dirty air.  Imperial Systems installed three exterior CMAXXTM (CM020) collector units and associated ductwork as part of the new system.  Masaba manufactured the hoods that covered each welding bay.  Once everything was connected, it didn’t take long after the system start-up to see the built up weld smoke dissipate.   The new CMAXXTM system was moving and recycling the total air volume inside the shop six times per hour.  The return air was being filtered properly by the DeltaMAXXTM filters, resulting in cleaner air and healthier environment.

Jerad Higman was amazed at the difference.  “I was very impressed at how effective the CMAXX collectors were operating.” He goes on to say, “To this day, I have not experienced any problems with them and I would highly recommend Imperial Systems products to anyone that has issues with the air quality in their shop.  Their level of expertise and service is just outstanding.”

For more information on how CMAXXTM Dust and Fume Collection systems can benefit your facility, call one of our experienced team members at 800-918-3013 or visit Imperial System’s website today.