Case Study: DeltaMAXX Filters Solve Electrostatic Powder Coating Issue

Jul 23, 2019

The electrostatic powder coating method of dry finishing metal parts is a fantastic technology and process. There are so many advantages over liquid coating for manufacturers, but it does present a challenge for dust collection. Bobby owns a small shop in rural Alabama that has an electrostatic powder coating line. He faced this inherent challenge but found the solution.

Problem: Dust Build-up from Electrostatic Powder Coating

Bobby had installed a dust collector on his paint booth. However, the company would regularly experience small flash ignitions inside the collector. Above all, his concern was that one of these flash ignitions might harm one of his employees.

Electrostatic powder coating technology creates a charge on the powder material, which was making it stick to the filters. Therefore, Bobby wanted to find grounded filters to prevent static build-up. However, his current filter supplier couldn’t provide him with a grounded filter that would work in his collector.


An Imperial Systems sales representative helped Bobby find a match for his current filters. Unlike his previous filter company, we were also able to provide him with the grounded filters he needed. The recommended solution was a DeltaMAXX aluminum spunbond filter with a connected ground wire.

Standard filter media cannot solve all dust collection problems. Sometimes customers and dust collection professionals need to work together to find an unusual solution. As a result, the filter chosen for Bobby’s electrostatic powder coating application was not a standard one but solved his problem.

DeltaMAXX aluminum spunbond filter with a connected ground wire prevents dust build-up during the electrostatic powder coating process.


Bobby reports that he had a very positive experience working with Imperial Systems. “They helped me find what I needed. I’ll definitely come back for filters again when I need them,” he said. The company finally stopped experiencing flash ignitions with the new filters installed.

“We’ve had no more problems with static, and the filters are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do,” Bobby said. With properly grounded filters, the company no longer deals with static build-up or the risk of injury to workers.

Imperial Dust Collection for Electrostatic Powder Coating

Even if your problem is unusual or requires a special solution, Imperial Systems will work with you to solve it. No matter how many filters you’re buying, we will do our best to solve your problem. Because we have a huge library of filters, we can match almost any filter with a DeltaMAXX replacement. Contact us to learn more about this case study, DeltaMAXX filters, or how we can help solve your own dust collection problem.