Case Study: PVC Recycling Process Creates Dust Challenges

Jul 23, 2019


A PVC recycling company planned an expansion project in Nevada. This company pulverizes, then recycles PVC products. However, they encountered air quality standards much more rigid than those they had dealt with before.

“Our main concern was a blue smoke emitting during this process,” said Kurt, Director of West Coast Operations. The company needed a guarantee that its new dust and fume collection system would meet air quality standards at their new location. Other dust collector manufacturers could not offer them the guarantees that they required for their expansion project.

This PVC recycling plant purchased a BRF to handle their fibrous dust. Solution: Tailored Baghouse for PVC Recycling Process

When they contacted Imperial Systems, President and CEO Jeremiah Wann was willing to make the guarantee and stand behind it. Imperial Systems designed a BRF baghouse for the company. To make sure the PVC recycling process met air quality standards, the system also included an after-filter plenum. The after-filters made sure that even traces of the dust and smoke could be captured.

As required by Nevada law, the company had a licensed mechanical contractor onsite during installation. Imperial Systems also sent a technical supervisor to oversee the process. Kurt noted that the installation process went very smoothly.

After connecting and running the system, Kurt knew Imperial Systems was living up to their guarantee.  “There’s no visible smoke, and the odor is gone.” The system managed the larger particles and the fine dust produced in the PVC recycling process. The PVC pulverizers no longer emitted fumes or odors into the atmosphere.


The new dust and fume collection system meets the company’s needs. It also meets all their air quality requirements. Kurt felt that Imperial Systems stood behind their guarantee. “It is performing exactly as we were told it would,” he said. “The system has been in operation for over a year now, and there’s no hint of dust or fumes from the system’s discharge.”

Kurt recommends Imperial Systems to anyone struggling with dust and fume collection challenges. “Our collector is doing exactly what Imperial said it would do, and in business, that’s the bottom line,” he said. The proof is always in the results, and Imperial Systems delivered.

Kurt also expressed satisfaction with the service received from the Imperial Systems team. “I’m very satisfied. Everyone I had dealings with has been helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant. Imperial worked everything out to my satisfaction, which made it a good experience overall.”

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