Case Study: Shop Exhaust System for Masaba Weld Smoke

Jul 23, 2019

Masaba replaced an old HVAC until with three CMAXX Dust & Fume Collectors as their shop exhaust system for weld smoke extraction.Problem:

Masaba is a metalworking fabrication company. They manufacture bulk handling equipment for mining, agriculture, and other industries. Because of the size of the equipment, the facility has high ceilings and large open workspaces. This allowed weld smoke and fumes to accumulate in the air. They needed an effective shop exhaust system.

The company used an old, roof-mounted HVAC unit as their shop exhaust system to pull weld fumes from the facility. But the amount of weld smoke produced during daily production overwhelmed the air extraction unit. Consequently, the unit was returning dirty air back into the facility. The president of Masaba, Jerad Higman, certainly knew that his employees needed clean air to breathe. Further, they needed and a clean working environment.


Jerad contacted representatives from several of the industry’s biggest names in dust and fume collection. All offered their industrial exhaust systems for the weld fume problem. However, Jerad met Jeremiah Wann, president and CEO of Imperial Systems. The two developed a strong working relationship. Jerad trusted Jeremiah with producing a shop exhaust system for his weld smoke.

As a solution, Jeremiah and Jerad chose an ambient system. This type of system circulates all the air in the facility through the filters and returns clean air. The company installed three CM020 units, CMAXX units with 20 cartridges each. The system also included hoods over each welding bay. These would capture weld smoke before it could escape into the rest of the facility.

Feedback on New Shop Exhaust System:

With the new system installed, the company quickly saw the weld smoke start to vanish. Circulating all the air in the facility six times per hour, the new system had the power to get rid of the lingering smoke and fumes. Instead of a modified HVAC system, Masaba now had one designed to handle large-scale weld smoke extraction.

“I was very impressed at how effective the CMAXX collectors were operating,” Jerad said. “To this day, I have not experienced any problems with them. I would highly recommend Imperial Systems products to anyone that has issues with the air quality in their shop. Their level of expertise and service is just outstanding.”

Imperial Systems prides itself on developing strong relationships with customers. We meet customers’ needs by listening and understanding their unique problems. While Jerad and Masaba could have chosen any major dust and fume collection company, they found that the personal service from Imperial Systems helps us stand out.

Confused over all the shop exhaust systems available? Contact us at Imperial for a tailored solution if you need an indoor exhaust system, whether it’s an ambient or source capture exhaust system – or both!