Powder Coating Company Needed Solution to Static Charge Build-Up in Their Dust Collection System

Aug 15, 2016

Product:  Dust Collection System Filters

Application:  Capture dust and fumes from powder coating process

Customer:  Small powder coating shop in rural Alabama

The Challenge:  Bobby, the owner of the company had concerns about static charges building up inside their dust collector. Powder coating is an electrostatic process and his equipment was causing small “flash” ignitions within the collector. This was an obvious safety issue and he knew he needed help in finding a cartridge filter that could be grounded.  His current filter supplier was not able to solve the problem.

The Solution:  He discovered Imperial Systems and discussed the issue with one of our Aftermarket team members. Once they understood Bobby’s concerns, they were able to determine the correct filter medium and other modifications to address the problem. A DeltaMAXXTM aluminum spunbond cartridge filter with a connected ground wire was the solution for this type of problem.  Once the new filters were installed and grounded properly, the static discharge was alleviated.  Bobby was very pleased with the results.  “We’ve had no more problems with static and the filters are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do”.

He was very appreciative of our help and will definitely contact Imperial Systems for any future filter needs.