Imperial Systems Quarterly Newsletter | Issue 9

Jul 19, 2019

Take a look at Dusty Jobs 9! We talk about the GEAPS show in New Orleans earlier this year as well as discussing safety in grain processing facilities. Charlie is back for an extended version of ‘Good Luck With That’, and we interview our plant manager, Joe Hoffman. If you would like a printed hard copy of this issue of Dusty Jobs, contact your Imperial Systems, Inc. representative.

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Dusty Jobs Newsletter Issue 9

GEAPS Exchange New Orleans 2019

Grain Dust Safety

Bad Day in Podunk - Good Luck With That

The Interview with Joe Hoffman

A Letter from the Production Control Manager

Portrait photo of Kaylee SmeadI started working at Imperial Systems in February 2015 as an Accounting Clerk. As the company grew over the next few years, I started taking on more responsibilities. I started helping with coordinating production, keeping information flowing between accounting and the shop. I worked with them to set schedules for shipping, hours planned for each job, and exactly where the job was with current hours.

As of last year, I moved into a new role as Production Control Manager. This takes the production control responsibilities I already had and kicks them up a notch. I’m still transitioning into this role, since I’ve been helping with accounting while someone was out on leave. Now, I’m looking forward to diving in and getting a good grasp on all the new responsibilities in front of me.

With the company growing, I’m going to be responsible for handling our shop schedule and keeping production on track. I’ll help solve problems and coordinate any changes that need to be made. I’ll keep track of the shop’s capacity and monitor when we’re over or under capacity. There’s a lot to manage with so many projects being scheduled, in production, and shipping out.

As a young girl, I would go to take-your-daughter-to-work events with my dad, and I always finished the day with the feeling that his company and co-workers were like part of his family.  The company made sure to take care of their employees and truly cared about the employees’ success.

Since then, I have always wanted to find that in an employer and until Imperial Systems, I had not found my home in the business world.  Shortly after starting, though, and with each additional day I work here, I realize just how much Jeremiah cares about this company as well as everyone who works here.  Each day I am excited to wake up and come to work to help this team reach its goals.  I love that I am challenged each day to come up with something that will better myself, which will directly lead to our company’s success.

I am just so thankful every day to be able to say I found my “work” home and gained 50-some “family” members, and I do not know if I would have been able to find this working anywhere else.

Kaylee Smead, Production Control Manager