BRF Baghouse System Saves the Day for Wood and Paper Companies

Apr 12, 2017

The baghouse is a workhorse of the dust collection industry, handling everything from high temperatures to rough, abrasive dust. The Imperial Systems engineers are experts in designing baghouse systems specifically for woodworking and paper recycling applications. The BRF baghouse system has certainly proven itself in these industries, as these case studies show.

BRF Baghouse system installation at woodworking company

INDUSTRY: Custom Cabinets

PROBLEM: Wrong Collector for the Job

SOLUTION: BRF Baghouse System

This woodworking company had installed a dust collection system, but within just a week their filters were already blinding off. Consequently, they were spending a lot of money on over-bags, constant compressed air pulsing, and filter changes. So, they needed to make a change.

Not all collectors are suitable for all applications. The Imperial Systems team examined the problems the company was having. They decided that a BRF baghouse would be the right solution. The problem was very fibrous wood dust. The original collector was a cartridge system, and cartridges usually aren’t the best solution for fibrous or stringy material.

Each BRF baghouse system is designed for each customer’s needs.  We applied our knowledge of woodworking applications to solve this customer’s problem.

The BRF is handling this company’s fibrous wood dust with no problems. As a result, it has cut down on compressed air use, filter changes, and production downtime. Imperial Systems makes both cartridge collectors and baghouses. Therefore, we’re able to determine which one will work better for a particular application.


BRF Baghouse system installation at a paper recycling company

INDUSTRY: Paper Recycling

PROBLEM: NFPA Compliance, Dust Accumulation

SOLUTION: BRF Baghouse System

This paper recycling company runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The dust load is heavy and constant. The wood dust extraction systems they had in place were not up to the job: several inches of dust had accumulated on surfaces around the facility, creating a very severe fire hazard. Also, because there was so much dust in the air, the employees had to wear dust masks. Further, they were dealing with respiratory infections and eye irritation.

Employee health was at risk and a combustible dust accident was waiting to happen. So, the company came to Imperial Systems to design a solution to handle their very heavy dust load.

From consultation and drawings to engineering and fabrication, the company had constant contact with the Imperial Systems team. We made sure everything would work exactly as they needed it to. The project was completed in March of 2014, and the company had great praise for the design and installation teams.

Since installing the BRF baghouse system for paper dust, the company is now fully NFPA compliant and dust accumulation is no longer a problem. The facility is clean and the health problems the employees had been dealing with are resolved.

Not just any system can handle a heavy dust load with round-the-clock shifts. Imperial Systems has experience in the paper recycling industry to design a system that will handle this kind of abuse for many years to come.