Aug 29, 2017

Traditionally, the woodworking industry has relied on cyclones and baghouses. The cyclone is the workhorse for removing larger particles with a minimum of hassle, but it lets smaller particles through. The baghouse, the traditional workhorse of the wood industry, has been the go-to dust collector for this application for a long time. This is changing, though, as cartridge collectors are making an impact, and the CMAXX for woodworking and wood dust is proving itself in the field.


A cartridge collector like the CMAXX offers many advantages over a baghouse. The first one is obviously the size: because cartridge filters are pleated, you can fit the same amount of surface area into a relatively tiny collector.


A second advantage of CMAXX for woodworking is the ease of changing filters. A baghouse full of old sawdust is not anyone’s idea of fun, and it may even be considered an OSHA confined space. With a CMAXX cartridge collector, lift rails easily slide the filters out. There’s no getting inside the collector, no climbing around in a mess of wood dust, and no changing dozens or hundreds of bags.


A third advantage to using a CMAXX for woodworking is that it can capture very small particles very efficiently. With DeltaMAXX nanofiber filters with a MERV 15 rating, your shop will be cleaner than ever before, without the fine dust that used to get through.


A fourth advantage is the ease of customizing a CMAXX for your woodworking application. Many different types of fire and explosion prevention are available, improving safety and protecting buildings from damage. Also, for special applications, options like overbags can make cartridge filters even better at handling the difficult material a woodworking application can create.

Wood dust application for the CMAXX Dust Collector

We have worked over time with many woodworking companies, and they usually want baghouses. However, recently many customers have checked out the CMAXX for wood dust, looked at how it works and the quality, and decided to give it a try.


What they’ve found is that for some types of woodworking applications, the CMAXX outperforms a baghouse, has a much smaller footprint, and is much less messy and time-consuming. Many of our woodworking customers are Amish and strongly value efficiency, good quality, and things that just work well. They have chosen CMAXX for woodworking because it meets their high standards.


With a system designed by our systems specialists, a CMAXX for your woodworking application can handle everything from mixed large and small particulate to extremely fine wood dust. It can save you time and space, protect you from risk of combustion, and make your life easier. Allow one of our specialists to show you how a CMAXX for woodworking can be an amazing value in quality, space and time savings, and efficiency.