Case Study – Woodworking Facility

Nov 8, 2013

Imperial Systems’ BRF Replaces Leading Competitors at a Popular Woodworking Facility

Imperial BRF

About the company:

 A mid-market woodworking company that manufactures and distributes custom cabinets across the USA. The company uses a variety of tools such as: CNC turning equipment, table saws, planers, shapers, radial arm saws, jointers, and more.


 In 2006, the company had purchased a 32-cartridge dust collector from a leading cartridge collector equipment manufacturer. Just a week after installation, the cartridge filters were plugging. The company tried to resolve the issue by using over bags and constant compressed air pulsing but nothing was working. The problem created serious downtime, constant maintenance on the cartridges, and excessive use of expensive compressed air. In the end, the problem was bad enough that the 32 cartridge collector was purchased back by the manufacturer and Westwind decided to head in another direction.


Imperial Systems’ BRF cylindrical baghouse was chosen due to its forgiving design and its special characteristics built around the woodworking industry. The woodworking facility was impressed enough by Imperial Systems knowledge that they turned to Imperial later that year to purchase another system from them. By May of 2008, the 30,000 CFM BRF was officially installed. To this day, the BRF is still running extremely well and has relieved the company from their prior concerns.

“When considering wood dust extraction systems for any fibrous material, it is very important to consider dealing with a dust collection company that builds both bag style and cartridge style dust collectors. It is way too easy for a company that only builds one style to try and force it in all applications. This is just one of many stories where we have seen this unfortunate thing happen”, says Jeremiah Wann, President of Imperial Systems.

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