Imperial Systems Quarterly Newsletter | Issue 11

Jan 24, 2020

Dusty Jobs 11 is here! We here from a few of our folks about FABTECH 2019 in Chicago as well as the yearly sales meeting we had while there. We tell you more about one of our latest products introduced at FABTECH. Charlie tells us about dressing the part and his tie collection, and we here from welder Bob Kocher. If you would like a printed hard copy of this issue, contact an Imperial Systems, Inc representative.

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A Letter from our Marketing Team

As a marketing team, we put each newsletter together hoping it will be interesting and fun for you. While everyone knows that Charlie’s “Good Luck With That” is always the star of the show, we also like to focus on a member of our team each time. We know that without the team who helped build this company, none of us would be here today.

Some of these people who have been on the cover probably would have laughed when they started a decade ago at the idea of us having our own marketing department. Doing business has changed a lot in the 18 years since this company began. Today, the marketing team handles everything from logo designs and videos to blog posts and informational publications. We’re even getting ready to add a podcast to help draw new potential customers.

Take a moment, as you enjoy this newsletter, to see how far we’ve come with our marketing efforts. It’s a never‑ending task, keeping up with all the changes, but it’s also a challenge that keeps things interesting.

Be prepared to watch us keep growing in 2020! We have big ideas and big plans. You’ll be hearing Jeremiah and some industry leaders talking us through some podcasts, and you’ll get to enjoy Mitch’s dulcet tones narrating more of our “Not Just a Box” video series. We’re exploring all the ways possible to reach out to people.

We’ll always be a company that builds the best dust and fume collectors on Earth, but as we step into the future we also need to be a company that makes an impact and inspires confidence.