10 Ways We Can Help Without You Ever Picking Up a Phone

Sep 1, 2017

If you’ve stopped by our website, you’ve probably seen the little box pop up asking if you’d like any help. And you probably assume it’s a little website robot that’s going to be about as helpful as your ATM.

That’s not a robot monitoring that box, though. It’s one of our hard-working staff. The name is a real name attached to a real person. So if your box says you’re talking to Rebecca Wescott, this is who’s on the other end of the line:

There is a person on the other side of Live Chat to help you


Think LiveChat is just for… well, chatting? We can do a lot more than that. Here are ten things we can do for you to solve your problem with just one website visit:

  1. Upload information for you about products like spark arrestors, abort gates, airlocks, and fire suppression systems
  2. Answer your questions about how a piece of equipment works, how it’s used, or whether it might work for you
  3. Link you to a post or article that answers your question in detail (exactly how a baghouse works, health risks of plasma cutting, combustible dust management, etc)
  4. Upload an owner’s manual or other technical information for you if you’ve lost yours (or your customer has)
  5. Find out what kind of product you need and who might be the best person to help you, so you don’t get transferred around
  6. Give you a “request for quote” form to fill out so our sales engineers can contact you and know exactly how to help you
  7. Answer your questions about our filters and check our cross reference for matching part numbers
  8. Put you straight through to your own personal equipment or aftermarket team member for personal service
  9. Walk you through any problems you’re having and get you to the person who can solve them as quickly as possible
  10. Ask questions to help get you where you need to go, quickly and without hassle, or assign someone to follow up with you right away


Want to find out If it’s really Rebecca (or Zach, or Justin, or another one of our staff)? Stop by our website and say hello! That little box is an invitation for you to start getting the help you need right now… no phone call, no clicking around the website, just fast and easy assistance from a real human.