Case Study: Chemical Manufacturer Cleans Up Cement Dust

Jul 23, 2019

Problem: Fugitive Cement Dust

This facility is part of a worldwide company.  They manufacture chemicals and building products for many different industries. For example, waterproofing, roofing, and flooring products contain their chemicals. Their customers include home improvement stores, contractors, automakers, and construction companies. The problem this facility had, though, was cement dust.

The company was having issues with the reliability of its dust collection system. To the point, the system was not maintaining a clean atmosphere in the plant and could not manage the dust load. Further, the company struggled to find a dust collector provider who had the knowledge and quality product they needed.

This company purchased a CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector to handle issues with cement dust in their plant.


The company reached out to a seller they were familiar with. Fortunately, they introduced them to Imperial Systems’ products, including the CMAXX cartridge dust collector. Because of Imperial Systems and their sales rep, they now have a company that can be their ongoing partner in dust collection.

The CMAXX model CM016 easily handled the company’s cement dust issues. In addition, the DeltaMAXX filters provided good filter life and easy filter changes. The CMAXX certainly didn’t have any of the reliability or maintenance problems their old collector had.


The CMAXX continues to impress the company with how well it handles its cement dust. Also, responsiveness and personal service continue to please them. When asked about working with Imperial Systems, they said, “We got improved operations and an ongoing partner. The CMAXX is easy to use, reliable, and is saving us energy costs while enhancing our clean air recovery.”

The company continues to be a customer of Imperial Systems, purchasing DeltaMAXX replacement filters. They report that they are still happy with the performance of their CMAXX. Above all, they have not experienced any of the failures or issues they had with other dust collectors.

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